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Truly Thankful

On Thanksgiving, the whole family gave heartfelt thanks for Natalie’s new ADHD medication — Focalin XR — and the calm peace of a happy child.

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we went. Well, east on I-80, actually. To Hills, Iowa, a tiny little town that doesn’t have any. Any hills, that is. For Thanksgiving. A scrumptious, traditional Thanksgiving with family.

The big story of The Marner Family Thanksgiving, 2008 is a non-story, a story of nothing happening. Of a calm, peaceful, 2 ½ hour car ride. With Natalie in the car. Living. Breathing. But calm and quiet.

Somebody pinch me!

We’ve always dreaded long car rides with Natalie. Her ADHD makes it hard for her to sit still. She gets bored, she whines. She has fits, she throws things. She can’t keep her hands-feet-elbows-knees-spit-to herself.

Until…ta da! Focalin XR!

I’m sold. Sign me up for a commercial — a public service announcement. I’ll tell the world.

And no, it wasn’t just a fluke  she was the same way on the drive back!

Happy Thanksgiving? Yep.

How ‘bout you?

[The Great Focalin Experiment]