ADHD in College

Trouble Juggling

My son has trouble prioritizing work now that he’s at college. He can’t juggle going to class with homework and his social life. Can you suggest a plan he can follow?

The most effective plan will be one that your son creates and follows. If he acknowledges that he is having trouble, ask if he would be willing to talk with a coach or an advisor at school to help him figure out the best plan. You and your son could work on it together, if he is the one to choose how he will plan his time. Let’s say he has an exam on Friday and a big party on Thursday night. What would be a realistic plan for studying during the week, spending time with friends at the party, and being rested for the Friday exam?

Few college students want to make plans with a parent, which is why a third party, such as an academic advisor, ADHD coach, or counselor at school, might be of value. Any one of them can help him attain a balance between his academic and social life. A good reference for you and your son is ADHD and the College Student, by Patricia Quinn, M.D.

Updated on September 26, 2017

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