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What is it?

Vayarin® is a non-drug clinical dietary therapy that aims to manage symptoms of ADHD by addressing lipid imbalances. It’s a branded composition containing Phosphatidylserine-omega-3, EPA enriched, formulated specifically to address lipid imbalances critical to brain health that may be associated with ADHD.

How does Vayarin work?

While Vayarin® is not a drug, it is classified as “medical food” and requires a doctor’s prescription and oversight. It can take up to 90 days to experience the effects, though some have reported changes in as little as 14 days.

The typical dosage is two capsules a day, as directed by your physician.

Who is Vayarain for?

Vayarin® is marketed for children with ADHD, but can be used by adults with ADHD as well.

Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about all other supplements and medications you are taking before starting Vayarin®.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Vayarin®, through the manufacturer’s program — VAYA-Direct — is less than $50 a month. The retail price through other pharmacies is approximately $60.

What studies have been done?

Researchers at Texas Child Neurology and Children’s Health Services in Greenville, North Carolina, identified 518 children with ADHD who were previously treated with Vayarin®. The scientists, led by Robert Chudnow, M.D., and Tate Holbrook, M.D., reviewed patient and parent self-assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of Vayarin®. 68% of the children, average age 11, experienced reduced ADHD symptoms. 66% of children who were taking Vayarin® in conjunction with a stimulant or non-stimulant medication experienced reduced ADHD symptoms. 31% of the patients evaluated reduced their dose of ADHD medication while taking Vayarin®.

Are there any side effects?

Abdominal pain or discomfort, headache, and insomnia have been noted in studies of Vayarin® use.

Are there any precautions?

Do not take Vayarin® if you are allergic or sensitive to fish/shellfish or products containing fish/shellfish. No contraindications with ADHD drugs have been reported.

High temperatures can impact the efficacy of Vayarin®. You should store it at a temperature lower than 77° F (25° C) and away from light and moisture.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the manufacturer’s website at


7 reviews

  1. I tried Vayarin for my son but there was no efficiency gain so I stopped. Now I give him fish oil with high EPA/DHA and some supplements (zinc, calcium, etc.).

  2. I tried Vayarin with my two sons—two pills twice a day as directed, for three months as the directions said it could take that long to be effective. After three months there were no noticeable effects whatsoever. So we stopped using it.

  3. My son takes Vayarin (a higher dose, prescription Omega3), along with Concerta. He takes 4 capsules a day (2 in the morning, 2 in the evening). Our insurance does not pay for this and it is about $130 a month out of pocket. I think it helps with his concentration, but honestly it is difficult to tell how much it truly helps and to know if it is worth paying the $130 a month.

  4. My son takes Vayarin and I finally see some positive benefits after trying a dozen different omegas over the years. Vayarin is called a Medical Food Drug, I think. You need a prescription, but it’s not a pharmaceutical. I asked my local pharmacy to order and stock it and had no problem getting it for my son.

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