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Positive Parenting Program, Triple P

What is Triple P?

The Positive Parenting Program, commonly referred to as Triple P, is a course focused on providing the strategies and tools that parents need to raise happy and confident kids, manage misbehavior, set rules and structure, encourage self-care, and instill parenting confidence.

How does Triple P work?

You can work with a certified Triple P provider or take the course online. It’s offered free in many states; certified providers exist around the world.

Who is Triple P for?

The program is offered for parents and caregivers of kids up to 12 years old, teens, and other children with special needs (this is the focus of the Stepping Stones program).

How much does Triple P cost?

Triple P parenting classes are offered free of charge in many areas, both in-person and online. Visit the Triple P website to get details for your location.

What studies have been done on Triple P?

The following are links to studies on Triple P:

Where can I learn more about Triple P? 

Learn more about Triple P at

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