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Play Attention

What is it Play Attention?

Play Attention is a computer-based attention-training system that measures brain activity using an arm band, and provides visual and auditory feedback in a game-like environment designed to hone certain skills.

How does Play Attention work?

The game on the screen responds to the participant’s attentive state, rather than to a mouse click or joystick command. To perform well on challenges and advance in the game, users must focus consistently during their one-hour weekly sessions, strengthening their attention skills in one-hour weekly sessions with practice. Players receive motivating rewards after completing challenges, and a calendar feature allows them to schedule sessions and track progress.

Who is Play Attention for?

Students who want to improve their attention span in school, or adults who have difficulty concentrating at work.

How much does Play Attention cost?

Prices vary for professional and personal use. Request a quote by calling 1-800-788-6786.

What studies have been done on Play Attention?

Three randomized, controlled studies in Boston public schools conducted by Tufts University School of Medicine found that students who used Play Attention had greater improvements in attention, hyperactivity, and executive functioning than students who used cognitive training programs, commonly known as brain games, and that those results persisted over time.

Where can I learn more about Play Attention?

Play Attention can be played in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Korean, Polish, French, Turkish, or Russian. Learn more at


11 Play Attention Comments & Reviews

  1. We are using a program which we found thru this site called PlayAttention. My tyke is five and we just felt he was too young for medication and we are having total success. I was going to home school him but he is doing so well I put him in the public system and it’s great. He shares, has “fiends”, he has a problem with his “r”s and has even had sleep overs and by the way I learned through using this program that he loves to fish and is a very creative writer! We are also using the ADHD Nanny program which has helped tremendously as well. Cheers hope this helps. My motto: We Can Change Our Minds! Oh, and he is performing at his age level an issue we were concerned about. The program is for all ages, including adults. I use Play Attention and so does my husband.

  2. I have had ADHD for 60 years now. It has affected my life in virtually all aspects. I have tried like most of you most medications. These medications had side effects from mood swings, not sleeping to not being able to urinate. Not good. I have spent thousands on other therapies ranging from talk therapy, mediation, and cognitive training. They just did not address my main problem of being impulsive which created the problems which I associate with ADHD. Poor attention, ability to focus, poor memory, failed marriage (communication issues) and issues with trying to self-medicate my challenges. It was not until I was 57 did I find Play Attention and it literally changed my life. Being a computer technician for 18 years my world is fairly black and white. If it works, why and test it again to see if it was something else causing a result. After using the program for 2 months I went from dialing a phone 2 digits at a time (sheet of paper to phone back to sheet of paper), to looking at a 7 digit number and dialing it, with 90+% accuracy rate! That was not possible earlier in life at all. I also had results in staying on task, being less impulsive, improving my social skills. All of which has helped my life be calmer and filled with more joy. Even my wife commented on these changes, this was a good thing! In short because of the true neurofeedback and the great cognitive training programs I have learned SPECIFIC skills that address my SPECIFIC challenges. People with ADHD are generally very smart people but lack specific skills, this system brings trains this. This program is used by professionals and at home as well. It is used by “normal” people who just want to hone their skills for peak performance. It comes with a lifetime support advisor who will help you reach your goals. You own the system with a one-time purchase and you can load the software on multiple computers to be used at a SCHEDULE that is good for you, in your home. That alone is great but the best thing is that this has changed my life. I highly suggest you check out their website/call them to see if it is a fit for your home or office. My only regret is that I did not start sooner. My life would have been much different. I also recently had a bicycle accident and hit hard. I broke 3 ribs and having a helmet saved my life. I had what I would call a concussion where my “marbles” were not doing well. I used the system and it helped me address these challenges in my recovery period as well. This program is also used in TBI, dementia, and autism as well. That’s my experience, I wish the same for your family.

  3. One more thing I would like to share for those seeking to address the challenges of diffused attention caused by impulsivity. The pharmaceutical industry pours billions of dollars out in advertising to market their products. In my 60 years of what I learned medications can set the stage for learning, but they will NEVER teach a skill. Even the pharma companies agree to this. ADHD is a challenge that is addressed by teaching specific skills that address specific challenges. That is key to addressing the problem.

  4. While the idea of Play Attention is appealing, the company seems to care little about its effectiveness. They have a very slick marketing machine and take great effort to appear to care during 30 day return window. After that, they ignore or berate you. I guess it makes sense, they are not looking for repeat customers and prey (predominantly) on desperate parents. Maybe it works for some people, but if you have questions or concerns about its implementation, they really just want to make sure you go away. Given the price point and sensitivities around the consequences of getting things wrong in coaching a child with difficulties, one would hope they cared more about outcomes. Then again, it’s .com, not a .org so I guess buyer beware.

  5. I’m not a big “drug” guy, so when I came across Play Attention, I was pretty psyched!  I’ve always had trouble with getting distracted and not being able to focus.  And my short term memory used to be nonexistent.  But it’s weird, because some things hold my interest just fine, (like my son’s x-box), while other stuff, like filling out forms at work, had always been terrible for me.  

    When I got Play Attention, I was assigned a “coach” person to help me throughout the program, and he said the program is giving me the cognitive skills necessary to pay attention just as well to the boring stuff in life, as I ALREADY CAN the exciting stuff.  And that’s exactly what Play Attention has done for me so far.  Granted, I’ve only been doing it 4 months, and I’m only doing an hour per week, but man!  It’s made such a difference already!!!

    My wife and I are attending church remotely online, and this past Sunday I sat through the entire hour without daydreaming once!  Also, my neighbor called out his new phone number to me the other day from the other side of the fence we share, and I was able to remember it without writing it down.  It’s a whole lot of little things like that!  

    I’m really hopeful this will continue to help me.  My Play Attention coach (his name is Mike, too) assures me that what I’ve seen so far is just the beginning.  Plus, he’s always looking at my data and making suggestions for a tweak here or there.  I’m a happy camper so far!  I’m going to post another review once I’ve finished the whole thing, which usually takes around 40 weeks or so.  Fingers crossed!!!

  6. I started play attention for our 12 years son with ADHD and it literally changed the world.
    Here I am sharing some benefits from the beginning,
    1-like other parents of struggling children, i was already doing every possible thing, all structured modes of training at home, at school (IEP), and (myself a pediatrician). But still he was struggling with focus and more of impulsivity(thus often in trouble in school ). I discovered a neurofeedback training in the town, total cost of the desired session were more than 3 times than cost of play attention. Plus we had to go to a centre for those sessions, in wk days,in evenings, at the expense of other house chores and other kids time.( very tough for an alone mother, with other kids at home). So doing same training in the comfort of home, with own purchased device in one third of price was a blessing.
    2- since video games were already a fun to play so he took no time to learn. And I was given an online training to operate and monitor.
    3- our coach ( mike Smith), and his team were always available, very helpful and understanding. He helped on each and every step. He and his team sent us Greeting card of genius when my son got off his diagnosis officially.
    4- my son started showing obvious improvement in focus, executive function and even impulsivity within 2 months. But he completed whole one year of session ( 1hr per wk). Although after 6 months of play attention he was officially off his diagnosis by his doctor.( but we continued doing IEP and play attention). His two assessments( before and after 1 year of play attention) are exceptional.
    5-since we own the device so we ll continue doing sessions( half the time than before) till adulthood.
    6- thank you play attention and thank you Mike!

  7. I see that the reviews on this page are old. Perhaps it is because users of PlayAttention System are unhappy. I worked with PA to determine if a family member had ADHD, first wrong mistake. I urge you to get a diagnosis first. Based off written evaluations it was confirmed by PA that ADHD was evident. I purchased the program. I reached back to PA when a doctors diagnosis came back that ADHD IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS of my family member. I had purchased the product some 6 weeks prior to me contacting PA for a refund. They would not budge on any return, not even if I accepted a reduction in price. To me PA is all in it about the money. They determine if ADHD is most likely a factor based on their evaluations (written). It’s all about the money for Play Attention, refusing to return any money even after you present them with a doctors medical determination of a prognosis screams SCAM. Don’t work with them unless you have received proper diagnosis to determine ADHD. So I have a $1,500 program nobody uses.

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