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What is it?

LearningRX is an in-person brain training program with 78 locations around the U.S. Most sessions are run face-to-face with a trainer, but some use supplemental computer-based exercises.

How does LearningRX work?

First, participants take an hour-long cognitive skills assessment at a LearningRX center. This evaluates the individual against the seven core skills that LearningRX seeks to improve: attention, working memory, long-term memory, logic and reasoning, processing speed, visual processing, and auditory processing. The results are used to structure the program so that it bolsters weak skills and improves learning, thinking, reading, writing, remembering and problem solving.

Following the assessment, participants meet with a LearningRX director who explains the assessment results, and how certain strengths or weaknesses could contribute to success or failures.

After the training begins, participants meet with a LearningRX brain trainer for one hour daily for 12 to 32 weeks.

At the end of each training, participants take a second assessment to measure cognitive improvement.

Who is LearningRX for?

LearningRX offers the following age-appropriate programs:

  • ThinkRx: The core program for all cognitive skills. A minimum of 12 weeks, ages 7+
  • ReadRx: A reading intervention that also trains auditory processing
  • ComprehendRX: A more advanced reading intervention to improve understanding
  • MathRX: Focus on math concepts like calculation and problem-solving
  • Einstein: includes ThinkRX, ReadRx, and MathRx
  • LiftOff: Foundational cognitive skills and early reading for preschoolers through first grade
  • StudyRX: Focus on test-taking tips and study strategies
  • Brain Booster: Program for adults
  • BrainSkills: A digital program used to supplement one-on-one training, and as a maintenance program for people who have completed in-person training

How much does it cost?

The cognitive skills assessment, required before beginning training, typically costs between $199 and $299, depending on the location.

The total cost of training varies by program and location. Some online reviews place the cost of each program between $2,500 and $4,000 with a total cost of around $10,000. Others estimate the cost at $80 to $90 per hour of training.

What studies have been done on LearningRX?

A small, randomized, controlled study of 39 children with ADHD or learning disabilities found that the ThinkRX program by LearningRX improved performance on all measures (general intellectual ability, memory, visual processing, auditory processing, logic and reasoning, processing speed, attention) after 60 hours of training. The greatest improvement was in long-term memory, associative memory, and logic and reasoning. The smallest growth was in attention and visual processing. LearningRX provided complimentary training services for the purposes of the study.

Whether positive results persist outside the world of training is a topic of ongoing research. Dr. Douglas Detterman, professor and founding editor of Intelligence journal, said of brain training, “It’s probably not harmful. But I would tell parents: Save your money. Look at the studies the commercial services have done to support their results. You’ll find very poorly done studies, with no control groups and all kinds of problems.”

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged LearningRX with “deceptive advertising” in March 2016. It alleged that claims made on the LearningRX website about the program’s ability to treat cognitive impairments from ADHD, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and concussions were not sufficiently supported. LearningRX settled the case by paying a $200,000 fine.

Where can I learn more?

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7 reviews

  1. We have a 7-year-old daughter that was also evaluated at Learning RX and we have signed on the dotted line. My daughter will be going every day this summer for their “brain training.” Like you, we are also hopeful that it will help. If they did not give you prices, be prepared… It is very expensive. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. And for our sweet pea we just want her to keep up with her neuro-typical peers. We have had a very successful year with our first year in public school and we want the success to continue.
    I will let you know how it goes for us. We are doing a summer program because we have to drive an hour and a half to get there. And I do not want to be responsible for doing any training at home.

  2. My 15-year-old daughter did the math program. Not sure it really helped her. She says no. $10,000 later she still does not seem to have the confidence in her math skills.

  3. My 10-year-old non-ADHD son went to Learning Rx for poor spelling skills. For the most part, he hated it, although I do think it helped him some with his spelling. It was ~ $7,000. I won’t send my 8-year-old who has ADHD, because he does not have any learning deficiencies, and I don’t think the program would do anything for his hyperactivity.

  4. We found LearningRx after searching for many months for help for my oldest son (then 12) who had been diagnosed with ADHD. LearningRx was a blessing to our family and we ended up sending three of our four children there for brain training.

    I was also concerned about my daughter because I noticed some of the same issues her that our oldest exhibited when he was her age. Our oldest trained for 24 weeks at LearningRx. Brain training helped him concentrate, finish his work quicker and built his confidence. He even began to do things around the house to help me. Beforehand, it seemed he remained continually frustrated and upset. He blossomed while we were training. He has continued to do so since then. As high school approaches I plan to send him back to prepare him for his high school years. He thinks much more clearly now. I can’t wait to give him the additional boost I believe he will need to succeed in high school.

    My youngest daughter completed 36 weeks of training at LearningRx. She went from not being able to read to being an avid reader. She is now in 2nd grade. And has completely caught up with reading and is at grade level.

    My third born son trained for 12 weeks basically because my other two were training! He trained for 12 weeks with amazing results. He’s a smart kid with a great desire to do well. His brain training had him scoring 6 years above where he began. It truly was amazing.

    But our story certainly begins and ends with our oldest son. From the psychiatrist, to the psychologist, to the pediatrician, to LearningRx. We finally found our answers after months of tests, searching, internet searching and counseling. While he still has work to do in the area of processing speed he improved 2 years in that category in 24 weeks. Other areas improved as well. Visual and Auditory Processing, Logic and Reasoning and Short Term Memory.

    LearningRx is certainly worth looking into to see if is an option for your family. We have had great success there. I feel they have my children’s best interests at heart and work hard to help us fit brain training into our schedule and our lives. I can’t say enough about his trainer and the bond they built in our time there!

  5. My husband and I were so relieved to find Learning RX after learning that our six year old son was severely deficient in certain cognitive skills. Consequently, these skills were hindering him from learning how to read and learn all together. Because of this, we watched his confidence level drop, and his desire to learn dropped as well. Frustration was inevitable every time we sat down to learn anything.

    His test results at Learning RX reflected his deficiencies, but we hesitated to put him in the program because of the cost. Regretfully, we went another year before we actually put him in the program. During that year, his attitude grew more and more negative. Finally, we knew that there would be hope in the brain training, and we needed to try it.

    By the first week of starting the program, he was a brand new boy-full of hope and full of confidence. He knew that the brain training he would receive in the six month program would boost his cognitive skills so that he could learn without all the frustration he used to experience.

    Over the past six months, I have watched my son’s skills improve, and most importantly, I have watched his confidence level soar. The brain training works, and we do not regret the investment we made in our son.

  6. I had my daughter evaluated at both the the Learning RX and Brain Balance here in MN. She has ADHD and was behind in all of her classes at school.

    I was very impressed with the detailed evaluation I received from Brain Balance in Excelsior. They not only explained to me why my daughter was struggling in school but he also made many random assumptions about her in general that were in fact true. For instance, he said that he would not be surprised if she had been having trouble learning to ride a bike, which she in fact had been even though she was in 4th grade at the time and then explained why it would be difficult for her. We did not go through their program at the time since money was tight and we just did not have the $3500.

    A few years later, we had our daughter evaluated at Learning RX. We were desperate to do something as she was falling further and further behind in school. We signed up for their program and agreed to pay them $13,000.

    After 5 months of taking my daughter to her sessions, 4x per week and fighting with her to do her homework almost every night, she had made very little progress. We met with the director, who was equally discouraged and we decided to cut our losses and quit their program. In their defense, our daughter’s behavioral issues were preventing her from moving forward at a normal speed. She would lose 10-15 mins of every session due to being frustrated and just not wanting to do the work after a full day of school. So, we are out almost $8,000 and are no better off than we were before we signed up for their program.

    In hindsight, we should have gone with Brain Balance as I believe, due to my daughter’s energy level and ADHD. I believe she would have had much more success with their program which incorporates physical movement along with book lessons to train the brain. With Learning RX my daughter sat at a desk for almost the entire hour and 15 minute session, occasionally standing up to toss a ball back and forth while giving answers.

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