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The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD

What is the Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD ?

The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD is a 9-step training program for parents of kids with ADHD from Penny Williams, aka, The ADHD Momma. This on-demand, online program comprises 9 step-by-step modules designed to help parents understand and improve their child’s behavior, learn parenting approaches that work for kids with ADHD, and reduce parental stress, with a specific focus on the months and years after a child’s ADHD diagnosis.

How does the Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD work?

This course is 100% online and 100% self-paced. Each of its 9 modules contains several bite-sized videos, designed to fit any family and schedule.

Who is the Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD for?

Parents of kids diagnosed with ADHD from ages 4-17 years. Accessible worldwide.

How much does the Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD cost?

$187, with payment plans available.

What studies have been done on the Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD?

No research is currently available. Anecdotal evidence from parents who have enrolled in the course is available on the program website. Learn more by visiting

Where can I learn more about the Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD?

Learn more by visiting The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD.

2 The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD Comments & Reviews

  1. This course has been wonderful in providing me and my family with necessary, real life, practical information and strategies on supporting our son with ADHD. Before I took Penny’s course, I felt overwhelmed with very little information to go on. I felt deeply sad, angry, and frustrated by my own ability to not know how to help my son. With Penny’s course, I got my feet on the ground with information to understand ADHD and how to help my son through skill development and behavior modification. I appreciate how this course is truly encompassing-it doesn’t just address 1 area of ADHD, it addresses everything! I created a whole folder with her handouts, notes that I take while learning, and useful tools and I often refer to this handy folder! With her support through the course and personable interactions and responses to questions, I am better able to parent, advocate, and support my son. This course has helped to change our lives for the better!

  2. I am so glad I ran across Penny and her excellent online course. I learned so much from her. I felt like I was drowning as a mother to my 8 year old daughter with ADD. Our entire household was miserable. I took the course and read some of Penny’s books and put some knew knowledge and skills into practice. My household has had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more crazy punishments that didn’t work anyway. My daughter and I have an excellent relationship now. I learned so much about ADD and what my daughter was going through. I had no clue. Taking the course gave me a whole new perspective. I was the one that needed to change, I just didn’t know how. Penny is so kind and patient and really is an advocate for kids with ADD/ADHD and their parents.

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