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Brillia: Homeopathic Supplement for ADHD Symptoms

Brillia is a homeopathic supplement that is formulated to alleviate anxiety and hyperactivity, and to improve focus and attention by targeting the S-100 protein.

What Is Brillia?

Brillia is a homeopathic supplement that is formulated to alleviate anxiety and hyperactivity, and to improve focus and attention by targeting the S-100 protein, which is released when the brain is under stress. Brillia is marketed as a holistic treatment; the manufacturer promotes guidelines for proper nutrition, adequate sleep, mindfulness, and controlled screen time along with use of their supplement.

The tablet comprises a Lapine S-100 immune globulin mixture of homeopathic dilutions 12C, 30C, and 50C.

How Does Brillia Work?

Brillia is a cumulative three-months-on, one-month-off program — it doesn’t have to be taken every month since the effects are cumulative. Month Four is considered a rest period wherein patients focus on the other four pillars of their program: nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and screen time. Following that, a new three-month period begins.

How Much Brillia is Safe?

The recommended dose of Brillia is based on symptom severity:

Mild challenges: one pill, twice a day

Moderate challenges: one pill, three times a day

Severe symptoms: two pills, three times a day

Who Should Take Brillia?

Brillia is for children aged 5 through 18 years who experience challenges relating to attention, anxiety, irritability, and hyperactivity.

What Studies Have Been Done on Brillia?

The Brillia EU website details two studies: one in which Brillia was administered to children with ADHD and the other to children with anxiety.

How Much Does Brillia Cost?

A three-month supply of Brillia costs $114. A one-month supply costs $56.10.

Where Can I Learn More About Brillia?

Visit the manufacturer’s website at:


6 Brillia: Homeopathic Supplement for ADHD Symptoms Comments & Reviews

  1. I’m so disappointed to see ADDitude magazine promoting this waste of money quackery.

    Homeopathy is impossible and – fortunately – completely ineffective.

    You (ADDitude) get one more chance before I unsubscribe completely. I’ve given a couple of podcast/webinar episodes a pass (or skip) but this is unacceptable.

    I’m so glad that I let my magazine subscription expire if this is the sort of thing you are promoting now.

  2. We tried this product on the recommendation of a friend and it has been a huge help! Our son who was very unfocused and a ball of anxiety jumped an entire reading level in 6 weeks. He was behind and is now ahead or on level! So people who want to write rude things about this magazine offering this option need to stop unless they actually try it.

  3. I’ve tried Brillia and didn’t really see any change take place in my daughter. I wasn’t going to give it up and I wanted to try it again after the one month break, but after sending a review saying it didn’t work for us, and verifying my email, everything asked, they didn’t post my review. It makes me question the ethics of their product. All reviews should be posted. Not just the positive ones.

  4. I have been using Brillia personally as a UCLA student and have seen such amazing results. I used to take Ritalin as a child but stopped taking it once I entered high school. I still struggled a lot with my ADD through college but ever since taking Brillia I have seen such dramatic results with literally no side effects. It look a few weeks to start seeing results but now that I have been on it for a while I can safely say I will never be going back to prescription drugs. The customer service team is also a dream to work with. They are always willing to help and spent easily over an hour collectively talking to me about how I should take it, what dosage I should order, etc. I would definitely recommend giving Brillia a shot regardless of the circumstances as nothing can beat the zero side effects I’ve experienced when compared to prescription drugs.

  5. My son suffered from generalized anxiety and had trouble focusing at school. We tried different prescription medications, but they all had terrible side effects. He was losing weight and was not himself while taking them, so eventually we had to stop. I started looking for alternative treatments and I came across Brillia and started reading their blogs and articles. I loved learning about their program and decided to give it a try. In about 2-3 weeks after starting Brillia, my son’s anxiety had subsided, and he was able to focus better in school, and unlike prescription meds, there were no side effects. It’s now been 6 months since we started Brillia. My son is doing AMAZING in school, and his self-esteem has improved tremendously. He smiles more and gets along with his siblings. Thank you Brillia from the bottom of my heart!

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