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Brain Balance Achievement Centers

What is it?

Brain Balance Achievement Centers are a network of approximately 100 after-school learning centers that aim to help children with ADHD, high-functioning autism, and sensory processing disorder. The Brain Balance program uses a combination of academic skill building, sensory motor exercises, eye tracking, and dietary changes.

How does Brain Balance work?

Brain Balance starts with an assessment test to identify individual strengths and weaknesses. It then develops a personalized training program for each child that includes a 3- to 6-month practice schedule and dietary guidelines. In-center sessions occur 3 times a week, and are one hour in length. Every program includes academic and sensory motor training; the frequency and difficulty of these training sessions are determined by each child’s unique needs.

Who is Brain Balance for?

Brain Balance is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 17 who have been formally diagnosed with ADHD, high-functioning autism spectrum disorder, PDD-NOS, dyslexia, or processing disorders. Brain Balance does not provide diagnoses.

How much does it cost?

Parents have reported paying approximately $5,000 for the three-month program. For more information on pricing, call (800) 877-5500.

What studies have been done on Brain Balance?

Two studies have been published on the program’s effectiveness — one in the International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health in 2010, and another in Frontiers in Public Health in 2013. Both studies showed seemingly positive results for children with ADHD, but neither study was randomized, placebo-controlled, or double blind. Other learning or developmental disabilities — which Brain Balance also claims to treat — were not examined in either study.

Where can I learn more?

Visit to learn more about the program.


6 reviews

  1. My son did finish Brain Balance with great success! It was one of the best things I have done for my son. He got 50% better. My son was spacey. Not all there. I had to repeat myself a lot of times to get his attention. He would get lost in things. His friends would ask me questions about him because he couldn’t answer because he was in a dream world. Like, “What is Luke’s favorite color?” I would have to tap Luke, get eye contact, and ask, “What is your favorite color?” All of that is gone since Brain Balance. He can talk to his friends now, and he is more mature now, because he is now aware of his environment. He is a normal kid now which is a miracle to me! Brain Balance was a blessing! He is still distracted in class though. My son has taken 23 sessions of neurofeedback now, and I am really starting to see improvement in his class and homework attention. His sleep has already improved. I am going to take him to at least 40 sessions, because this is working. It has been 1 year since we stopped, and he continues to thrive. He still has some inattention though, and we have started neurofeedback.

    Another thing: he was in a dream world before, but now it is only when there is work to do like in class or for homework. The man who does the neurofeedback calls it “effort fatigue”. That describes it perfectly.

  2. My 7 year old son goes to the Brain Balance Center in Allendale, NJ. It has helped him tremendously. It was definitely the best thing we ever did for him and was worth every penny.

    I wrote out the whole long story on Yelp if you want to take a look at that

    Also here is a link to the video testimonial from about 6 months ago that the center did about my son’s experience with the program which includes home videos of my son before and after the program so you can see the progress he has made.

    My son needed 6 months for people around us to see really significant results which did happen. Since then we re-enrolled 3 more times going on and off since every time we re-enroll he improves more and more.

  3. Our local Brain Balance center will NOT provide refunds if the treatment doesn’t work. They will instead recommend more treatment, for more money. Seems scammy to me.

    1. The program works differently for each child as each child is an individual with individual issues and abilities. The amount of success a child will have with the program is also dependent on how well the child cooperates in doing the needed exercises, if they follow the nutrition piece correctly, if the home exercises are actually done, and other factors. If the home exercises are not done and the diet is not followed, then the child may not have as much success as another child. It is like signing up for Weight Watchers and then going home, eating a box of cookies, and complaining that you didn’t lose weight.

      Also having been going to the center on and off for almost 2 years, I have witnessed so many kids go through the program. These kids have varying issues – ADHD, Autism, PDD-NOS, Learning Disabilities, etc. and I have seen so many amazing things happen with these kids that I know it works.

  4. I had my daughter evaluated at both the the Learning RX and Brain Balance here in MN. She has ADHD and was behind in all of her classes at school.

    I was very impressed with the detailed evaluation I received from Brain Balance in Excelsior. They not only explained to me why my daughter was struggling in school but he also made many random assumptions about her in general that were in fact true. For instance, he said that he would not be surprised if she had been having trouble learning to ride a bike, which she in fact had been even though she was in 4th grade at the time and then explained why it would be difficult for her. We did not go through their program at the time since money was tight and we just did not have the $3500.

    A few years later, we had our daughter evaluated at Learning RX. We were desperate to do something as she was falling further and further behind in school. We signed up for their program and agreed to pay them $13,000.

    After 5 months of taking my daughter to her sessions, 4x per week and fighting with her to do her homework almost every night, she had made very little progress. We met with the director, who was equally discouraged and we decided to cut our losses and quit their program. In their defense, our daughter’s behavioral issues were preventing her from moving forward at a normal speed. She would lose 10-15 mins of every session due to being frustrated and just not wanting to do the work after a full day of school. So, we are out almost $8,000 and are no better off than we were before we signed up for their program.

    In hindsight, we should have gone with Brain Balance as I believe, due to my daughter’s energy level and ADHD. I believe she would have had much more success with their program which incorporates physical movement along with book lessons to train the brain. With Learning RX my daughter sat at a desk for almost the entire hour and 15 minute session, occasionally standing up to toss a ball back and forth while giving answers.

  5. My son attended the Brain Balance Suwanee back in 2008. He had several issues that were impeding his education; like reading, memory, math, multi-step processing, and diet.

    After going through the Brain Balance Achievement Center in Suwanee, my son has improved in all subjects and increased his self-esteem. He has achieved an increase in his reading and articulation. He now can learn his 8th grade vocabulary, and more importantly he remembers to utilize them during verbal and written expression.

    This definitely boosted his self-esteem. The combination of the program and the supplements created a strong recipe for his success.

    I highly recommend Brain Balance Suwanee, the money shouldn’t be the issue, it’s the success our child had and continues to bigger and better things. We didn’t want to waste precious time especially when he had to close the gap quickly to meet his educational requirements.

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