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Brain Balance Program

What is Brain Balance®?

Brain Balance® is a non-medical cognitive training program designed to help improve focus, behavior, hyperactivity, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance in children.

The Brain Balance® program is available onsite and at-home with virtual coaching. It comprises one hour of daily cognitive training activities, paired with a nutrition plan. Program length is based on each child’s unique needs and goals.

How does Brain Balance® work?

Brain Balance® is designed to strengthen weaker areas of the brain through sensory engagement, physical development, and cognitive exercises paired with nutritional guidance. An initial assessment identifies individual strengths and weaknesses, then the program is personalized to a child’s needs and development level, building progressively as they advance. A coach supports the child and their caregivers through the program.

Who is Brain Balance® for?

Brain Balance® is intended for children 4 years and older, teens, and adults striving to improve focus, keep organized, control impulses, and stay calm.

Brain Balance® does not require a medical diagnosis nor does it clinically diagnose medical conditions, but it may benefit children with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, processing disorders, or learning disorders.

How much does Brain Balance® cost?

Brain Balance® is a customized program, so the total number of recommended sessions varies from person to person. For a quote, contact a local Brain Balance® Center or call the national line at 800-877-5500.

What studies have been done on Brain Balance®?

A small, exploratory study from McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, referenced on the Brain Balance® website, found that Brain Balance® could have clinical, behavioral, and neurobiological effects similar to stimulant medication in alleviating some ADHD symptoms in children. These findings were based on subjective parent reports, as well as clinician ratings, and brain imaging and Quotient test results. However, this study included just 16 children with ADHD and eight children without ADHD — a small sample size — and noted improvement after 75 Brain Balance® sessions conducted over 15 weeks, which assumes five sessions per week.

Cambridge Brain Sciences, a private brain health assessment company, collaborated with Brain Balance® on a study that found children who completed three months of the program displayed significant improvements in cognition, particularly in areas of memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and concentration. The study followed 478 participants (aged 4 to 18) as they completed three one-hour sessions every week for three months or fewer. Researchers found improvements in attention and concentration among 4- to 6-year-old participants; improvements in planning and executive function were noted in participants aged 7 and older. These findings came from participants’ results on 12 tasks completed before and after the three-month Brain Balance® program that evaluated short-term memory, visuospatial working memory, episodic memory, deductive reasoning, mental rotation, feature-based attention and concentration, planning and executive function, visuospatial processing, verbal reasoning, cognitive processing, and verbal working memory. Study designer and author Rebecca Jackson works for Brain Balance® and study analyst Conor J. Wild provides consulting services to Cambridge Brain Sciences.

Research published in the Journal of Mental Health and Clinical Psychology found that “75% of [Brain Balance® program participants] showed a 20% improvement or more in panic or anxiety attacks after program participation, and 25% of children demonstrated an 85.7% improvement or more, with an average of 49.4% (SD = 45.6) and a median of 60%.” The study focused on children, aged 4 to 17 years, who were at or below developmental milestones and evaluated the parent-reported changes in their behavior before and after undergoing five to six months of Brain Balance®. These findings were based on archived survey data from approximately 2,200 students enrolled at Brain Balance® Achievement Centers and did not compare participants’ results to those of a control group. Primary study author Rebecca Jackson works for Brain Balance®.

Some research findings shared by Brain Balance® have been met with skepticism. The Association for Science in Autism Treatment published an article titled, “Is There Science Behind That? Brain Balance” that states the following: “The materials that have been published on the efficacy of Brain Balance® show that most involve testimonials, self-reports, and only a few, low-quality research studies. All of these elements of ‘proof’ that Brain Balance® is effective are weak in terms of empirical evidence and should be considered with caution.”

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Where can I learn more about Brain Balance®?

Visit to learn more about Brain Balance® programs for kids, teens, and young adults ages 4 to 24.

Visit to learn more about the Brain Balance® program for adults.

Visit to learn more about McLean Hospital’s study of Brain Balance® for kids with ADHD.



7 Brain Balance Program Comments & Reviews

  1. My son did finish Brain Balance with great success! It was one of the best things I have done for my son. He got 50% better. My son was spacey. Not all there. I had to repeat myself a lot of times to get his attention. He would get lost in things. His friends would ask me questions about him because he couldn’t answer because he was in a dream world. Like, “What is Luke’s favorite color?” I would have to tap Luke, get eye contact, and ask, “What is your favorite color?” All of that is gone since Brain Balance. He can talk to his friends now, and he is more mature now, because he is now aware of his environment. He is a normal kid now which is a miracle to me! Brain Balance was a blessing! He is still distracted in class though. My son has taken 23 sessions of neurofeedback now, and I am really starting to see improvement in his class and homework attention. His sleep has already improved. I am going to take him to at least 40 sessions, because this is working. It has been 1 year since we stopped, and he continues to thrive. He still has some inattention though, and we have started neurofeedback.

    Another thing: he was in a dream world before, but now it is only when there is work to do like in class or for homework. The man who does the neurofeedback calls it “effort fatigue”. That describes it perfectly.

  2. My 7 year old son goes to the Brain Balance Center in Allendale, NJ. It has helped him tremendously. It was definitely the best thing we ever did for him and was worth every penny.

    I wrote out the whole long story on Yelp if you want to take a look at that

    Also here is a link to the video testimonial from about 6 months ago that the center did about my son’s experience with the program which includes home videos of my son before and after the program so you can see the progress he has made.

    My son needed 6 months for people around us to see really significant results which did happen. Since then we re-enrolled 3 more times going on and off since every time we re-enroll he improves more and more.

  3. Our local Brain Balance center will NOT provide refunds if the treatment doesn’t work. They will instead recommend more treatment, for more money. Seems scammy to me.

  4. I had my daughter evaluated at both the the Learning RX and Brain Balance here in MN. She has ADHD and was behind in all of her classes at school.

    I was very impressed with the detailed evaluation I received from Brain Balance in Excelsior. They not only explained to me why my daughter was struggling in school but he also made many random assumptions about her in general that were in fact true. For instance, he said that he would not be surprised if she had been having trouble learning to ride a bike, which she in fact had been even though she was in 4th grade at the time and then explained why it would be difficult for her. We did not go through their program at the time since money was tight and we just did not have the $3500.

    A few years later, we had our daughter evaluated at Learning RX. We were desperate to do something as she was falling further and further behind in school. We signed up for their program and agreed to pay them $13,000.

    After 5 months of taking my daughter to her sessions, 4x per week and fighting with her to do her homework almost every night, she had made very little progress. We met with the director, who was equally discouraged and we decided to cut our losses and quit their program. In their defense, our daughter’s behavioral issues were preventing her from moving forward at a normal speed. She would lose 10-15 mins of every session due to being frustrated and just not wanting to do the work after a full day of school. So, we are out almost $8,000 and are no better off than we were before we signed up for their program.

    In hindsight, we should have gone with Brain Balance as I believe, due to my daughter’s energy level and ADHD. I believe she would have had much more success with their program which incorporates physical movement along with book lessons to train the brain. With Learning RX my daughter sat at a desk for almost the entire hour and 15 minute session, occasionally standing up to toss a ball back and forth while giving answers.

  5. We enrolled our first grader in Brain Balance starting on 10.12.17 after completing the online assessment and on 10.24.17 the owner, Eric reviewed the results with us and stressed the importance of staying on the Brain Balance plan of 36 sessions which would show improvements for our son. We paid the balance in full and upfront on 10.26.18 and began therapy on 10.30.17. We stayed diligent in the 3 times a week onsite visits to the Westlake clinic and continued the at-home plan-of-care every day. On 12.1.17 we learned that the Brain Balance in Westlake was closing Dec 22nd. We asked for a refund so we could continue therapy with another type of facility and suddenly all communications from the owner, Eric stopped. We called multiple times, left messages, texted, emailed and basically had to beg to speak to someone to help us. When we finally got thru to Eric on Jan 9th he assured us he would contact us by the end of the week and clarify the amount we were to be refunded and when the refund would be available. After multiple attempts to follow-up he has yet to contact us nor has Eric refunded our balance to continue our son’s care. PLEASE BE AWARE OF BRAIN BALANCE BUSINESS PRACTICES SO YOUR CHILD ISN’T LEFT WITHOUT CARE!

  6. I admit I was skeptical at first about this place. A woman from our church heard about it and knew of the issues we were experiencing with our son. She felt so strongly that it could help us, she offered to pay for the initial evaluation. A few days after the eval was completed, we were invited to come in and review the results. This is the part that I was most suspicious about. I was worried I would be walking into some high pressured sales pitch about something that was far fetched and unbelievable. That was so far from what actually happened that day. As the director went through the very thorough evaluation, it was as if they had known our son for many years and knew of our struggles personally. Although the program was costly, we soon discovered it was worth every cent spent! We signed up and 3 times a week we took our son for his sessions. This is a big commitment in our busy lives but our son was worth it. We learned the daily exercises and did them with our son. Yes another big commitment. We changed his diet as necessary (for the most part). This was a big deal to our 8 year old son. He was not a fan at first of the changes. The initial progress was a bit slow. We would notice a change slowly happening. About half way through the sessions however, the changes became more frequent and greater. It was really working! Teachers and faculty at school would ask us what was happening. Teachers and volunteers at our church were asking. We were all too happy to share the experience with everyone. My son went from having 4 major psychiatric diagnosis, having a behavior plan at school, an IEP/504 to a full entire school year with not a single negative call to us about our child. Conferences were all praises about his successes. What a drastic and REAL change! He ended the school year by passes all the levels for the gifted program even! To go from being so skeptical to a true believer in this program has been unbelievably amazing. We have had him re-evaluated and now he has 1 remaining diagnosis from the Dr instead of 4. I want you, the person reading this to know, I am a real parent. I was skeptical. I trusted though. Our family made this huge commitment from all areas that we were asked. It seriously paid off. I would definitely recommend any child struggling at any point in life, just try it! I just know your child will be so much better because of it.

  7. Brain Balance is the perfect all in one program because it is perfect for the ADHD parent or just an overwhelmed unorganized parent who needs an organized in center program , parent support group, nutrition/ supplement guidance by a dietitian, school/ IEP advocate and a home program all organized for you and your family. Best money I ever spent for my 8 year old son!!

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