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What is AttenGo?

AttenGo is a web-based brain training program designed to help people with ADHD, learning disabilities, and other cognitive impairments by regulating brain waves and increasing the Beta waves responsible for attention.

How does AttenGo work?

After beginning a subscription, users answer a questionnaire and complete a 10-minute assessment. The results are used to customize the program based on age, conditions, and severity of symptoms.

There are two main modules in the program:

  • AttenFocus: Neurocognitive exercises that work on attention, concentration, working memory, executive functions, and reaction time. In one exercise, users must press the spacebar as quickly as possible when a moving ball on screen changes color, except when the ball turns white. In between exercises a screen covered in bubbles reminds the user to relax and breathe deeply, and an animated owl gives incentives.
  • AttenMemory: Exercises challenge short- and long-term memory, working memory, and retrieval of data. Users have to memorize numbers, common foods, or images of people, then recall them in order.

To see the best results, AttenGo recommends using the program for 25 to 30 minutes, three to four times weekly for 6 months. Younger children can complete shorter sessions. Every three weeks, the user completes a 10-minute assessment to ensure the exercises are at the correct level.

Users can view graphs and reports reflecting their training progress during the program.

Who is AttenGo for?

AttenGo can be used by anyone age six and older.

How much does AttenGo cost?

AttenGo offers three subscription plans:

  • Monthly subscription: $129/month
  • 6-Month subscription: $89 month (Total of $534)
  • 12-Month subscription: $69/month (Total of $828)

There is a 15% discount available for multiple accounts within a family.

AttenPro offers a version of the program for clinicians. Contact AttenGo for pricing information.

What studies have been done on AttenGo?

A  randomized, controlled study compared 34 adults who used AttenGo 4 to 5 times weekly over three months with 26 adults who used a dummy program 4 to 5 times weekly over three months. It found that symptoms of ADHD and executive skills improved for both groups, possibly due to the placebo effect .

Academics continue to research and debate the efficacy of brain training games, like AttenGo, to significantly improve cognition.

Where can I learn more about AttenGo?

Learn more at


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  1. I have heard about AttenGo and it seems to be worth much more than they charge! I use it myself and find it to be amazing in reducing my response time as well as reducing my impulsivity.

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