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What’s the Best Advice Your Doctor Gave You for Managing ADHD Symptoms?

Readers share their doctors’ most helpful tips for managing ADHD symptoms.

Doctor explaining the side effects of ADHD medications to his senior patient
Doctor explaining prescription to senior patient, healthcare concept

ADDitude asked: What’s the best advice your doctor gave you for managing ADHD symptoms?

Keep to a schedule and, when it is too hard to do that, get a friend to motivate you. -Vesna, Croatia

When our doctor realized that the meds he prescribed were no longer working for our son, he advised us to see a specialist. I love a doctor who knows when to refer you to someone else! -An ADDitude Reader

Living one day at a time. I’m not saying it’s the best advice. It’s just all the advice I got. -Jack, Iowa

My doctor let me decide which treatments to try, and was supportive of my choices. -Wendy, Maryland

She said, I know my child better than anyone, so “don’t let someone else tell you what is best for your child.” Also, if you feel there is a problem at school, or anywhere else, keep pushing until it is taken care of. -Shelly, Ohio

Use specialists, such as a pediatric neurologist and a neurodevelopmental pediatrician, and combine medication with behavior therapy. -Kris, Pennsylvania

The best thing my doctor does is to listen to my son. That is the most important thing a doctor can do. She cares about us, and wants us to succeed in controlling symptoms. -Patty, Texas

Medication can do only so much to treat ADHD symptoms. Counseling, parenting, social skills development, and lots of acceptance can do the rest. He also reassured us that we were not to blame for our child’s condition. His reassurance gave us the confidence to manage our child. -Monica, New York

My doctor told me to exercise more — even though I get exercise every day. -Kevin

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