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Natural Remedies for ADHD

The best ADHD remedies adopt a multimodal approach — combining different, complementary interventions that work together to reduce symptoms. Your ideal combination may include medication, diet, exercise, behavioral therapy, supplements, CBT, working with a coach, or joining an ADHD support group.

In this sponsored guide, find alternative therapies like brain training, dietary supplements, and wearable devices that complement any ADHD remedy plan.



Habyts® Easy Screen Time Manager

Is your child glued to screens? Habyts® is the FREE and easy-to-use app that limits screen time, blocks homework distractions and motivates kids with ADHD — without the daily battles! Block apps and websites across Android, Apple iOS and Windows devices. Then assign tasks for kids to earn their screen time privileges in a positive way!




Mightier creates emotion taming games that kids love. Players must regulate their heart rate to win. Our games empower kids to practice calming skills while having fun at home or on the go. Mightier is backed by over ten years of clinical research at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. | 954-670-0654




An at-home cognitive training tool for children ages 6-12 that is clinically proven to increase focus, attention, and academic performance through a practice known as “neurotiming”. It’s based on the principles behind Interactive Metronome, used by more than 40,000 practitioners world-wide.

Children who used BrainBeat saw 20-30% improvements in:

  • Math Fluency
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Organizing and Communicating Ideas
  • Listening and Following Directions | 954-670-0654

Play Attention

Play Attention

Play Attention is the most comprehensive, neurocognitive training program available for both children and adults designed to strengthen executive functions, processing speed, and self-regulation. After determining your needs through full consultation, we will provide an assessment, neurocognitive training, and family management plan. Our system features brain exercises that foster attention and cognitive skills that support executive function, behavioral improvement, and far more. Available for home and professional use. | 800-788-6786


ADHD Coaches Organization

ADHD Coaches Organization

ADHD Coaches get ADHD! They provide ways to manage procrastination, get organized, develop strategies for success and accomplish goals. Search our online directory to find the right ADHD coach for you. | 888-638-3999




Accentrate™ is a dietary supplement that supplements the nutritional deficiencies associated with ADHD. Accentrate contains omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, to address lipid imbalances associated with ADHD. Accentrate also contains Brain Ready™ vitamins and minerals the body uses to support proper regulation of neurotransmitters. | 800-733-3649

Brain Booster

Brain Booster from NEBA® Health

Brain Booster from NEBA® Health supports kids’ healthy brain function. This great tasting, strawberry lemonade flavor Omega-3 supplement is super-concentrated and is taken just once daily. Our custom formula delivers the perfect ratio of Omega-3s for happy, healthy brains. | 888-539-4267

Joy Organics

Joy Organics

Joy Organics features the world’s premier organically grown, full spectrum line of CBD products. Joy’s full spectrum formula includes a high concentration of CBD, minor cannabinoids, 30+ terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants and fatty acids that work together to create the most effective THC free formula available. | 833-569-7223



OmegaBrite has been changing lives for 18 years. Our customers say it best: “My son’s doctor recommended OmegaBrite, his symptoms have dramatically improved. He’s happier and more focused.” “After we tried other omega-3 brands our doctor insisted on OmegaBrite: what an amazing difference.”
“My ADHD child and ADHD husband are on OmegaBrite, thank you for making this wonderful product.” | 800-699-6525

Tranquility Labs

Tranquility Labs®

Tranquility Labs® Your peace of mind is our mission. We create all-natural dietary supplements with exceptional ingredients designed to reduce mental chaos and encourage great personal health. We’re committed to providing the safest, most cost-effective herbal supplements for consumers worldwide. | 888-407-9659


Kinnebar Foot Swing

KINNEBAR® Foot Swing

KINNEBAR® Foot Swing can help children focus. Children with ADHD can benefit greatly from constant movement while keeping their upper body still — they have two choices to swing their feet or push on a rubber footband for sensory input.
Use Promo Code: ADDITUDE10 to save $10. | 704-360-4483


Sanity School

Behavior Management Training for parents is the #1 non-pharmacological treatment for kids of all ages with ADHD, recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Sanity School® for Parents is recommended treatment, proven to reduce stress for the family. Recorded classes available on demand. 3 months of support & coaching help you guide your kids to take ownership of their lives, increase independence, and bring peace and calm to your home. Learn in your PJs! Visit to learn more. | 888-535-6507




Forbrain is a bone-conduction headset with a patented dynamic filter, designed to enhance speech and attention. Several scientific studies have proven its efficiency, and this award-winning device is recommended by thousands of therapists and used by families worldwide for easy at-home practice.
For a 10% discount, use the coupon code 1A1100554. | 469-579-8356

Updated on November 20, 2018

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  1. I’ve been using a medical device called The Fisher Wallace Stimulator, wich has helped me and my son to get very good improvement on sleep, impulsivity, and attention. And now, no medication at all!!

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