How Should I Treat My Child's ADHD?

Book Review: “Treating ADHD / ADD in Children and Adolescents: Solutions for Parents and Clinicians”

A clinical psychologist provides a thorough guidebook on the challenges faced by parents of children with ADHD, along with advice on diagnosis, treatment, accommodations, and best parenting practices.

Treating ADHD/ADD in Children and Adolescents Solutions for Parents and Clinicians Treating ADHD / ADD in Children and Adolescents: Solutions for Parents and Clinicians

by Gene Carroccia, Psy.D
Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Ltd; $36.95
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Clinical psychologist Gene Carroccia lays out his six-phase “ADHD-ology” treatment model for attention deficit disorder in this book. Through evidence and experience-based suggestions, this guide provides thoughtful techniques for mitigating the parenting challenges presented by ADHD.

In addition to offering guidance for getting an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and academic accommodations, the book teaches parents the best practices that Carroccia has found effective for managing ADHD at home and at school.

Most useful are the chapters addressing the implementation of parental behavior management techniques. The book also addresses cost and availability, from the initial outline of diagnostic steps to the final discussions of alternative treatments. Online resources for locating such services are recommended by name, and extensive footnotes provide context for Carroccia’s advice.

Carroccia has written a thorough guidebook to the challenges faced by parents of children with ADHD. Caregivers will learn to navigate the bureaucracy surrounding effective treatment, and to change their own responses to elicit desirable behavior from their children.

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