Trainwreck: My Life As an Idoit

Comedian Jeff Nichols holds nothing back in his shocking, candid memoir about life with ADHD and dyslexia.

by Jeff Nichols
Touchstone; $15
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This book is an irreverent, expletive-filled romp through the author’s life. From youth to adulthood, Nichols relates ADHD-fueled adventures that made him the person he is today.

Along with ADHD, Nichols also struggled with dyslexia. He was detached from the organized world around him, and he wandered into a life of drug and alcohol addictions, rebellion, and sexual escapades. Is it any wonder that his life was made into a movie?

Later in the book, Nichols details his years working as a stand-up comedian. His anecdotes are funny and the pacing makes for an entertaining read. Many adults with ADHD flounder in their early twenties-Nichols was no exception-but Nichols got his feet under him and hit his stride, eventually becoming a commercial fisherman and sea captain.

Nichols’ self-deprecating humor has a comedian’s ease. Still, the book is rough reading-a virtual bloodletting. Nichols doesn’t spare a detail. His was not a charmed or noble life, but many readers will appreciate his honesty.