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Keep Track of Time with 6 of Our Favorite Gadgets

If you have ADHD and easily lose track of time, try one of these expert-approved gadgets. From digital watches to visual timers, these gizmos will keep you on schedule.

Timers and other tools to help adults with ADHD with time management and productivity
Timers and other tools to help adults with ADHD with time management and productivity

If you or your child with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) finds it too easy to lose track of time when engrossed in a favorite pursuit, you might benefit from some technological assistance. Michael Sandler, director of The Creative Learning Institute in Boulder, Colorado, suggests looking into the products below.

Alarm Watches

These wristwatches can be programmed to generate multiple alerts. The 8-Alarm Vibrating ADHD Timer Watch (, $99.95)(#CommissionsEarned) gives audible alarms, while the WatchMinder Training and Reminder System for ADHD ($69.00) vibrates and shows text messages.

Digital Reminders

Many calendar programs, including the one bundled with Microsoft Outlook, can be set to generate a visual or audible alert (or even an e-mail). Most smartphones and tablets include calendar reminders and alarms, and many apps are available for extra help. Check out BugMe! ($1.99) for Apple products.

Kitchen Timers

The latest models, available in digital and analog versions, are a far cry from the twist-and-set devices of old, and often cost only a few dollars. The Tel-Timer (, $11.75) (#CommissionsEarned) features a voice that periodically announces how much time is left.

Visual Timers

These devices turn passing time into a visual image, making it more “real.” The Time Tracker Visual Timer and Clock (, $39.99)(#CommissionsEarned) for children is a 24-hour “traffic light” timer that can be programmed to shift from green to amber to red. The Time Timer (, $30.00) is a 60-minute timer whose clock face turns from red to white as the minute hand counts down.

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