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Timely Tips for Kids

“We have trouble getting my eight-year-old daughter to move fast enough to get to school on time or to make other appointments. Any suggestions?”

Here are some strategies for increasing her awareness of time:

  • Let her pick out a fun watch. Encourage her to check it often by asking her what time it is.
  • Place clocks in locations where she tends to lose track of time, such as the bathroom or opposite the breakfast table in the kitchen.
  • Announce how long you’ll do an activity: “We’ll play cards for 20 minutes.” Then, call attention to how much time has passed and how much is left. “We’ve been playing for 15 minutes. That means we have five more minutes to play.”
  • In the car, ask her how long she thinks it will take to get to your destination. Have her time the trip so that she can see how close she comes in estimating it.
  • Be sure you’re leaving enough time-she may just need an extra 10 minutes to get ready.

Updated on April 24, 2017

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