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Siri, What Apps Can Help Me Get More Done?

If your tired of always being late and underestimating how long it takes to run an errand, then it’s time to get organized. Keep your ADHD in check with apps with visual checklists and timers for daily tasks.

Man holding cell phone and using task managing apps to be more producitve despite his ADHD


(iOS; $49.99; Android; $2.99)

There are lots of things to like about 2Do. You can use it to manage simple reminders and checklists, as well as larger projects. 2Do also lets you organize tasks by color – an important feature for visually oriented people with ADHD.

The 2Do app is easy to use. It features a clear tab system along the left-hand side that allows you to create and color-code lists to organize your tasks by context – home, office, errands – or by project. Each task in your 2Do list is sortable by priorities, due dates, notes, an embedded audio note, and/or photo. You can also add actions to your tasks that link to your contacts, allowing you to call, e-mail, or text directly from the app. One practical feature for people with ADHD is being able to defer tasks you didn’t get done to a future date – something, I admit, I have used a lot.

[Free Download: Better Time Management with Adult ADHD]


(free app, free 30-day trial; account is $24/year)

This may be my favorite time-management app. TeuxDeux is a clear and simple task manager that reminds me of my old week-at-a-glance calendar that I left behind years ago. The app gives you a view of five days at a time, where you can assign tasks a completion date. There’s room at the bottom of the screen to list tasks by project.

What I like best about TeuxDeux is that you can access your account through your Web browser, and it syncs to your iPhone app. If you have an Android phone or device, you can access TeuxDeux on your browser. As much as I love my iPhone, I find the daily managing of my to-do list on it a bit tedious. I prefer the big screen of my laptop. Yet the updated tasks are on my phone for those many times when I break away from my desk and my computer.

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