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Q: “What Time Management Apps Will My Teen with ADHD Actually Use?”

These time management apps for teens with ADHD deliver stronger productivity, focus, homework results, and more benefits in middle and high school. Consider downloading them before the school year begins.

Q: “I want to get a head start in getting my daughter set up for the new school year. She has ADHD and loves tech stuff, especially apps. Can you recommend some good apps for teens that would help her with time management, focus, and things like that? — GeorgiaADHDMom

Hi GeorgiaADHDMom:

There’s no better time than now to work out new school systems and schedules. And that includes getting familiar with a few apps that help to improve time management, focus, and productivity. Here are my top 5 picks for middle and high school students.

1. RescueTime

This time-tracking app is a game changer! It records how and where you spend your time online. It analyzes everything you do in a day — from which apps you use to how much time you spend on your favorite websites. (No hiding your time-management habits here!) Consequently, if you want to seriously eliminate distractions and get work done faster, it can even temporarily block websites that negatively impact your focus.

2. Remember the Milk

This app takes a lean and fast approach to task management, which is the main reason why my students gravitate to it. You just add your tasks in plain text, organize them into lists, and you’re done. Its simple design means there are no extra features (no distracting graphics) to navigate. It shows you the tasks you need to do today, tomorrow, as well as any that are overdue right when you open the app. It also includes due dates, along with priorities on tasks, so you know what your most important responsibilities are. This app also syncs with all devices.

3. SimpleMind

Everyone learns differently, and many of my students love mind mapping. SimpleMind helps you organize your thoughts by creating mind maps, which can then be seamlessly synchronized across multiple platforms and shared with others. It allows you to add photos, videos, and even voice recordings. My students especially like that they can customize the appearance of their mind maps and select different layouts.

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4. MyHomework Student Planner

There are quite a few electronic planner apps out there. But I find most to be clunky or hard to use. Which is why I always prefer a paper planner. For those who prefer electronic planners, I recommend the MyHomework Planner. It gives you a calendar to track your assignments, exams, and other important dates, as well as a homework widget where you can sync your assignments and receive due date reminders.

5. Offtime

Sometimes, we all need a little help ignoring all those calls, notifications, and text messages that bombard us. Offtime allows you to temporarily disable all the distracting apps, messages, and calls. Just set your “leave me alone” time period and the app blocks all interruptions on your phone and temporarily disables all apps. But its best feature is the option to create preset schedules.

If you would like more recommendations for apps to help with time management and productivity, I invite you to check out my newest book, How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away: An Expert Guide to Getting Stuff Done (#CommissionsEarned) that focuses on procrastination in students. The resource section is filled with them.

Good Luck.

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