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The Perfect Purse for ADD Women

Tired of digging for misplaced keys or the cell phone? For women with ADHD, the key to having an organized purse — and a simpler life — is in the bag.

If your purse has become a chaotic carryall – a dark pit where things go to get lost – I share your plight. So do about a million other attention-deficit adults who lack the organization skills needed to get the job done.

The right-sized shoulder bag can bring order to your life. Consider these four ADHD-friendly tips when shopping for a new bag:

1. Don’t go too small.
Many women mistakenly think, “If I don’t have much room, I can’t carry too much around with me.” Good thinking, up to a point. If you don’t have room for all of your essentials, some items will wind up in your pants pocket – and you’ll lose them.

2. Don’t go too large.
Too many items (old trick-or-treat candy or broken glasses) in a large bag make it tough to find essentials.

3. Don’t go with too many pockets.
I made this mistake once. “Just look at those pockets!” I thought. “I can use one for my cell phone, one for keys….” The problem? I didn’t know which items were in which pockets, and I had to hunt for what I was looking for.

4. Go with one that is “just right.”
Look for a purse with a cell phone pocket and a handy place to store or attach your keys. It should comfortably accommodate your wallet, make-up bag, and one or two other essential items. That’s it. A shoulder strap is good, to free your hands for important things, like steering your child through the toy aisle.

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