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The Highs and Lows of Parenting Two Kids with ADHD

Keep going, keep supporting your kids, and keep educating others about ADHD, no matter what is thrown at you.

A family with ADHD learns to love life together

Parenting is a big job! However, being a parent of children with ADHD is a whole different ballgame. (My two sons have ADHD). I think of it as extreme parenting in the form of an intense obstacle course: The course consists of highs, lows, and marathons across minefields. There are times of joy, frustration, and sadness. I’ve included some examples that you may relate to.

I’m frustrated when…

  • Teachers use the words “He should be able to…” and “We don’t want him to use ADHD as an excuse.”
  • When the neighborhood children don’t want to play with them.
  • Others minimize the symptoms of ADHD
  • The school is unwilling to make much-needed accommodations.
  • The school’s number pops up on my phone.

I’m sad when…

  • When they are the only children not invited to the neighbor’s birthday party.
  • Christopher says, “I can’t do anything right.”
  • They want so much to remember to turn in their homework but they forget.
  • Michael calls himself a “Loser.”
  • Christopher says, “No one likes me.”
  • The kids are acting silly at the store, and we get nasty looks from others.

I’m overwhelmed with joy when…

  • Christopher smiles.
  • Michael is proud of himself.
  • A peer plays with them.
  • A teacher gives them a compliment.
  • Christopher completes a chore with minimal help.
  • They dress themselves and their clothes actually match!
  • Christopher tells me I’m a good mom.

My advice? Keep going, keep supporting, and keep educating others on ADHD. Hang in there, my friend. I know this isn’t easy.

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