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The Great Focalin Experiment

I’ve been experimenting with my child’s ADHD medication and dosages from Ritalin to Focalin and Focalin XR.

The following is a personal essay, and not a medical recommendation endorsed by ADDitude. For more information about Focalin, speak with your physician.

The Great Focalin Experiment continues. Thanks to those of you who shared your children’s experiences with Focalin and Focalin XR. It’s reassuring and enlightening to compare notes, especially considering how precious the guinea pigs are in these unavoidable experiments. Oh, our poor, dear rodents!

Natalie has been taking Focalin XR for one week, and it’s definitely time to check in with her doctor. I touched base with daycare, special ed, and classroom teachers yesterday, and we’re all seeing the same thing: giddiness, happiness, excitement, lack of control.

I looked online to see what dosages of Focalin XR are available, and plan to ask Dr. Halbur if we should try 15 mg instead of 10mg, before throwing in the towel. I’m determined to give this medication a fair trial, because the improvement in Nat’s appetite is irrefutable. She’s no timid guinea pig when it comes to meal time-she’s a fat ol’ Iowa-grown sow! No, forget that, that’s not a pretty picture.

[Truly Thankful]

She needs a booster dose of Ritalin in the late afternoon as the Focalin starts to wear off. Based on one of your comments, I plan to ask Dr. Halbur if we should try the short acting form of Focalin as a booster, instead of Ritalin. I’m sure she’ll counsel me to change one thing at a time-find the right dosage of the XR before tinkering with the booster.

Bedtimes have been another positive — we’ve had three perfect-though still Benadryl-assisted — bedtimes in a row. No little head peaking over the stairway with an am I in trouble? look on her irresistible little face.

Time to make that phone call. Thanks again for your support!

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