The Family ADHD Solution

A guide to helping parents learn about ADHD and parenting strategies.

By Mark Bertin, M.D. (Palgrave Macmillan)

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There are many good books to help parents learn about ADHD and parenting strategies, but The Family ADHD Solution is the first I’ve seen that does so with the special-needs parenting experience in mind. Bertin, a developmental pediatrician, describes the complex, stressful task of parenting a child with ADHD, in a society that is polarized by politics and misinformation-and is quick to judge parent and child.

Bertin explores executive skills, comorbidities, and diagnosis. He addresses the stress of parenting a child with ADHD, and how that stress impacts parents’ reactions and choices. Combating the stress using mindfulness, Bertin asserts, helps us make better choices, which, in turn, improve a child’s symptoms, and pave the way for a healthy, more supportive (and peaceful!) home. As I read, I began incorporating the book’s suggestions for practicing mindfulness into my everyday life-stopping throughout the day to focus on my breath, removing judgment from my observations and thoughts-which helped me cope when my ADHD daughter’s eleventh-birthday party didn’t go remotely as planned!

Rather than endorsing any particular treatment, the author gives clear, science-based explanations of ADHD and of first-line and complementary ADHD treatments, while also teaching strategies to help a child succeed at home and in school. This is a book struggling parents will read, and read again.

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