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“The Biggest Thing I Ever Forgot Was…”

Readers confess their most memorable moments of ADHD forgetfulness.

A person with ADHD ties a string around her finger to help her remember.
A person with ADHD ties a string around her finger to help her remember.

I forgot to return my child’s library books. I’ve had them here for almost two years. I am embarrassed about them being so long overdue, and so worried about the fines, that I can’t bring them back. Maybe my donating some books will soften the blow.
– Rebecca, New York

Yes, there was something I forgot. What was it now?
– Jeff and Wilbur, Florida

When I was the youth leader at my church, I planned a meeting that everyone had to attend…on my wedding anniversary.
– Kimberly, Michigan

If you can believe it, I forgot my age!
– Sherry, California

I forgot so many things during the course of my life – my son’s best friend’s wedding among them.
– Nancy, North Carolina

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I forgot to let my horses out for a run after feeding them in their stalls. Next morning, the barn lights were still on and the horses were looking at me like, “Did you forget something?”
– Pam, Nebraska

I left my cell phone, lunch, and briefcase on top of my car while I searched my pockets for the keys. A neighbor shouted at me and pointed to my car roof after I had driven two blocks.
– Yumi, Florida

I forgot to cook a meal for friends I invited over for dinner. They showed up at the door and I looked at them, thinking, “Did I do it again?”
– An ADDitude Reader

I developed a new system for paying bills on time, put stamps on the envelopes, and forgot to mail them. I started receiving late notices, and then remembered I had tucked them into my glove compartment.
– Julia, Rhode Island

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I put the stuffing in an expensive, organic turkey, basted it with a melted-butter-and-herb mixture, and put it in the oven. Two hours later, after a long stint of watching TV, I went into the kitchen to see how the bird was doing. I hadn’t turned the oven on.
– John, New Jersey

I hate to say it, but I forgot to pick up my child at middle school. I was supposed to be there at 3:20, but I was distracted by something and realized at 4:30 that he was still at school. His cell phone battery was dead, so he couldn’t call me. Needless to say, he was angry.
– Colleen, New York

I missed a big meeting at work because I was listening to music on my headphones. A coworker was supposed to come and get me, five minutes before the meeting started. He stuck his head in my office, but I didn’t see him or hear him. When I walked into the meeting, 15 minutes late, my boss wasn’t pleased.
– Barbara, Maine

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