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The ADHD Club

My daughter knows she takes Ritalin, but she doesn’t completely understand her ADHD diganosis.

In a recent post I wrote that although Natalie clearly understands how Ritalin helps her, I wasn’t sure she connected taking Ritalin with those four letters she hears me throw around.

You know the ones — A-D-H-D.

She does now!

Last night, Natalie and I attended a benefit for Children and Families of Iowa at Images by Ngaire, a local photography studio. Donate diapers, new towels, or something like that, the deal went, and receive a free 5 x 7 photo of your child with Santa. Somehow, Ngaire booked the real Santa for this gig! That woman has connections!

At an event Ngaire hosted a few months ago, I’d connected with Julie, the step-mom of a girl Nat knew from kindergarten. Julie shared with me that her step daughter had an evaluation scheduled with a psychologist.

They suspected she had ADHD.

Last night, after Natalie had been assured by Santa that she would, indeed receive a Nintendo DS for Christmas, but that he’d have to check with Mom before giving her electric clippers for shaving her head, Julie’s step daughter bounded over.

“Remember me, from Mrs. Fisher’s class?” she asked. “Natalie! I have ADHD just like you!”

Nat stared at her for a moment, and then looked at me. “What’s that?”

“You know how you take medicine? Your friend takes medicine now too,” I said. The girl nodded.

“Does it help you concentrate? Does it help you slow down so you can make good choices?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered, like it was the coolest thing in the world. Whoa! A little ADHD club!

Then Harry strode in, and the in-crowd got a little bigger.

What a perfect way for Natalie to assimilate her diagnosis.

Yes, Natalie, there really is a Santa Claus, and he worked a little self-confidence magic last night! Ngaire said he’s heading to Wisconsin next. I hope your child runs into him!

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