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Book Review: The ADHD Affected Athlete

Practical coaching advice for coaches, as well as parents and teachers.

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Treating ADHD/ADD in Children and Adolescents Solutions for Parents and Clinicians

by Michael E. Stabeno
Trafford Publishing, $17.99
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Do not make the mistake of considering The ADHD Affected Athlete (#CommissionsEarned) as useful only for your child’s sports coach. Parents and teachers will find the information helpful and accessible, as well. In fact, the first half of the book could well be titled “What everyone should know about ADHD.”

Stabeno replaces ADHD labels like “distractible,” “impulsive,” and “hyperactive” with “aware,” “spontaneous,” and “energetic” to illustrate how differences in the ADHD brain can become advantages.

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His coaching advice clearly demonstrates his personal knowledge of ADHD — he and his two sons have the condition. For example, drawing plays in football or flashing signs in baseball can be more effective ways to communicate with an ADHD athlete than explaining the play verbally.

I’d love to see this book in the hands of every parent, teacher, and coach who is involved with a youngster with ADHD.

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