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Teaching Children with ADHD to Problem-Solve

Did you help your child work through a tough challenge? Share the problem, and your successful solution, with fellow parents of children with ADHD.

A young girl with ADHD playing with blocks as a way to improve her problem-solving skills

It’s no secret that impulsivity is a key ADHD trait. This may bring our kids more than their share of challenges, from acting on impulse and repeating the same problems over and over. It also makes it more difficult to overcome challenges. A child with ADHD may rush into grappling with a problem without thinking it through.

Methodical problem-solving doesn’t come naturally to our kids, but it can be taught. Use the following cues to walk your child through solving a problem:

  • “What is the problem?”
  • “Let’s think of a few ways we can solve it.”
  • “Which solution do you want to try first?”
  • “How did this solution work?” (after trying a solution for a few days)
  • “Good job solving that problem!” or “That’s OK. Let’s try a different idea this time.”

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