Ask the Experts

Taking a Child Off Ritalin

“My seven-year-old does well in school and isn’t teased, now that she takes Ritalin. However, the doctor wants her to stop. We live in Australia where ADHD is seen as made-up, and I think he shares that view. How can I ensure my child is given the medication she needs to function?”

ADHD is a chronic disorder that needs to be treated on an ongoing basis. The fact that your daughter responded so dramatically to the medication is all the more reason for her to remain on this dose. I agree that your physician might not understand ADHD. You might encourage him or her to read a book on this topic (for example, Dr. Larry Silver’s Advice to Parents on ADHD).

If this physician insists on stopping the medication, seek another physician. Don’t let your daughter suffer because of this physician’s misinformation.