Take the Fight Out of Food

How addressing your child’s eating habits will stop fights over food.

by Donna Fish
Atria Books, $14
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Poor eating habits are all too common in kids, especially those who have ADD. Take the Fight Out of Food addresses eating habits from their inception: the early years of a child’s life.

This deceptively simple book – written by a social worker specializing in eating disorders – begins with a series of exercises to help readers identify their own attitudes toward food and see how these attitudes affect their children.

It goes on to suggest specific steps for changing negative attitudes, as well as the negative behaviors these attitudes encourage. The steps include providing children with reliable information about nutrition, teaching them to distinguish between true hunger and “emotional hunger,” and to recognize feelings of satiety.

This book is also an excellent guide for just about anyone with ADD, as it explains how to identify and appropriately express emotions, while reining in impulsivity.