Self Esteem

Superparenting for ADD

Two ADHD gurus help parents navigate the maze of treatment, discipline, and school issues for their children with attention deficit disorder.

by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., and Peter S. Jensen, M.D. (Ballantine Books, $25)
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Hallowell and Jensen, two gurus in the ADHD community, have sensitively captured the world of a child living with the condition in this wonderful book, Superparenting for ADD.

The doctors outline a strength-based model, which puts a positive spin on the traits that others often see as deficits. Disorganized becomes “spontaneous,” hyperactive becomes “energetic.”

Many parents will appreciate the chapter on treatment planning for ADHD children, which doesn’t shy away from alternative therapies. Instead of discouraging “unproven” therapies, the authors promote the idea that fish oil and neurofeedback, among others, might be effective complementary treatments for some children with ADHD.

Experimenting to find out what works is a vibrant, encouraging philosophy that runs throughout these pages. The book sends a positive message, from the introduction through the conclusion, that centers on loving the child with ADHD.

Parents can turn to many sources to learn about behavioral interventions versus cognitive approaches, and find how-tos for dealing with problems, but these authors promote the most powerful intervention of all – love. They consistently present an upbeat outlook, and provide practical steps to “unwrap” your child’s unique gifts. This begins with recognizing your child’s successes, to build his self-esteem.

You may think you have read all the ADHD books you need. Trust me, even the most seasoned parents have not seen these ideas presented so effectively. This book is consistent with my experience, as a psychologist who treats ADHD, and as a mother living with a beautiful child with ADHD who has more gifts yet to be unwrapped.