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SuperBowl of No Impulse Control

This week’s Top 5 ADHD-powered plays by my impulsive MVP, Natalie.

In just the past week, my all-star daughter has really opened up her impulse-powered playbook to…

1. Pick up Daddy’s razor and run a finger across the blade

2. Dump out every bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the shower

3. Drink the last drops of beer out of the empty bottles under the sink

4. Pour several colors of paint on the garage floor, then brush it around with a toy broom

5. Climb in a plastic storage bin and position yourself at the top of the stairs…on your mark, get set — “STOP!”


“You’ll break your neck!”

Natalie is this week’s ADHD MVP!

(I’m so proud.)

Please share your ADHD MVP’s top plays!

[“Use Your Words!”]