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Super Natalie vs. the Bendy Glasses

One week down… and Natalie’s new memory-metal glasses are neither broken nor lost. It’s a miracle!

Natalie got new glasses last Wednesday. They’re fire-engine red, with memory metal frames, and sun glasses that are like clip-ons, but magnetic. They’re pretty cool. And Nat loves them.

I thought memory metal sounded too good to be true. Sure, they’ll bend, I thought, but will they BEND? Will they stand up to the ADHD fidget-finger challenge?

So far, so good!

Nat’s new frames have survived 7 days of summer school, and though they’re a little crooked, they’re still in one piece. That’s a new record for Nat, when it comes to glasses. Last year, juggling two pairs, she didn’t end a single 5 day school week with one wearable pair. This new pair is — well, like new! In spite of the fact that Nat’s been up to her usual ADHD-inspired tricks.

After school, Day One, me: “Are your new glasses still okay?”

Natalie: “Well, one of the nosepieces came off. (Yeah, right, came off, all by itself, right?) “But the teacher fixed it.”

I’d asked the optician about that. Sure, the frames are memory metal, I said, but how about the nosepieces? Nat bites them off.

They snap right back in, he said. And we have hundreds of them, right here, in this drawer.

Since the teacher was able to snap it back in, we didn’t even have to stop back in the shop! Yes!

Then, yesterday, Natalie: “Guess what, mom? My new glasses are really bendy! Watch this!” She took them off, bent them in half, then watched them spring right back in place.

I hadn’t told her they were made from memory metal, knowing she’d see that as a challenge: I’m Super-Natalie! Breaker of unbreakable glasses!

But, when she put them back on, they were no worse for the wear! Wow!

Listen to me — so pleased with a product for lasting — one friggin’ week!

Hey, no success is too small to celebrate, right?

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