Summer Camps for ADHD Kids

“So far my 11-year-old son’s ADHD has not affected him academically or athletically. Mainly, the illness holds him back as far as making friends. He has been to camp for two summers. Although neither experience has been horrible, he doesn’t come away with the name of anyone he can contact once he’s home or even someone he would look forward to seeing the next summer. I don’t think he necessarily requires a camp that solely for ADHD kids, but I would like to find a camp where counselors, staff, etc. have insight into the social interactions of the kids. So far, in both camps, the counselors are high school or college age and don’t possess knowledge about how the kids are interacting. Can you help?”

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any camps that do not focus on AD/HD that would be helpful for improving social skills but I would like to open this up for ideas and suggestions from others. Please email me any of your ideas for camps and I’ll post them in a future column. Thanks for your help on this one!