Getting Things Done

Small Changes, Big Results

Do long-term plans and goals make you feel so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing? Learn why small tweaks, like eliminating clutter, making meal plans, and putting bills on auto-pay, can help you find success.

Mom planning to make a change for her child with ADHD
Mom planning to make a change for her child with ADHD

Does living well with adult ADHD seem hard at times? It is. But small steps, linked together, eventually set you on a path to ADHD success. Here are some suggestions:

1. Instead of saying, “I can’t,” say, “I can’t yet.” For example, “I can’t be on time” becomes “I can’t be on time yet.” Start getting used to the idea that you will improve and things will get easier to do.

2. Tap into your personal power with two-minute power poses. Watch social psychologist Amy Cuddy to learn body language poses that make you feel more confident when you feel powerless. They really work.

3. Tell yourself to slow down several times a day. Moving more slowly enhances mindfulness and helps you simplify routines and tasks.

4. Eliminate clutter one square foot at a time. Get rid of unwanted things as you notice them instead of letting stuff turn into a clutter-clearing project.

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5. Avoid delay. If you can do something in less than two minutes, do it now.

6. Shorten your to-do list. Instead of thinking you need to do everything, pick the most important thing.

7. Put your bills on auto-pay. You’d be surprised at how many ADHD adults get their power turned off because they’ve forgotten to pay the bill.

8. Say yes to life. Try something new. Stand up for what you believe in, dance, play, or run a marathon, even if it takes you all day to finish.

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9. Pick one new house chore to focus on daily — make the bed, wash a dish after you use it, or put the dirty clothes in the hamper.

10. Pick three simple breakfasts you can make in a flash and rotate through them. Make sure each one has protein to kick-start your brain.

11. Each time you write an appointment in your calendar, think about any tasks you need to do to prepare for the appointment and write those down, too.

12. Think of three positive things about yourself every day — even when you seem to screw things up…especially on days when you seem to screw things up!

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