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Leading ADHD experts give real-life answers to questions submitted by ADHD adults and parents raising children with attention deficit disorder across a range of topics covering symptoms, school, work, and family life.

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Parenting Children with ADHD

Behavior and Discipline

Positive Parenting Strategies: How to Build Confidence in Your Child with ADHD
Expert: Kirk Martin
In this special ADHD Awareness webinar, Kirk Martin, explains how to use positive parenting techniques to build your child’s self esteem.

ODD and ADHD:Strategies for Parenting Defiant Children from Dr. Ross Greene
Expert: Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.
Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., author of The Explosive Child, outlines positive parenting techniques that will help oppositional and defiant kids manage frustration and develop greater empathy and reasoning skills.

The Calm Parent: How to Keep Cool When Your ADHD Child Acts UpExpert: Kirk Martin
Parents of ADHD children with challenging behavior may be locked in a cycle of defiance, disrespect, bullying, sibling fights, meltdowns, and power struggles. Kirk Martin, founder of Celebrate Calm, explains how to stop that cycle.

‘Why Does He Do That?’ – Dr. Russell Barkley on Understanding and Improving Your ADHD Child’s Behavior
Expert: Russell Barkley, Ph.D.
How does attention deficit disorder affect your child’s behavior and development? Dr. Russell Barkley explains, and offers insightful tips on providing structure, consequences, and rewards.

Friendships and Social Skills

“Beyond Hello: Building Conversation Skills in Children with ADHD”
Expert: Anna Vagin, Ph.D.
Anna Vagin, Ph.D., explains how parents and teachers can help kids with ADHD learn successful communication techniques.

“The YouTube Solution: Social Learning Using Online Videos”
Expert: Anna Vagin, Ph.D.
How parents and professionals can use YouTube videos as social learning material with children.

“Why Don’t I Have a Best Friend?”
Expert: Fred Frankel, Ph.D.
Strategies for helping your child make lasting friendships.

Social Success Strategies: Helping Your ADHD Child Make Good Friends
Expert: Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC
Children with ADHD may have a hard time making close friends. Michelle Garcia Winner gives parents strategies they can use to teach their child a social “vocabulary” and help them master interactions.

Friends Forever: Better Play Dates and Lasting Friendships for ADHD Children
Expert: Fred Frankel, Ph.D.
Does your child with ADHD have trouble making and keeping friends? Social skills expert Fred Frankel, Ph.D., gives practical tips for hosting a successful play date, developing closer friendships, and more.

Raise Your Child’s Social IQ: Tips to Help ADHD Kids Make and Keep Friends
Expert: Cathi Cohen, LCSW
Practical tips for addressing your ADHD child’s social challenges, including reading body language and other cues, conveying feelings, facing bullying, and more, from leading social skills therapist Cathi Cohen.

Parenting Skills

How to Fight for Your Child’s Rights — and Happiness
Expert: Penny Williams
How to advocate for your child at school, and at home.

Teaching Life Skills to Children and Teens with ADHD
Expert: Vincent Monastra, Ph.D.
Activities to teach live skills to children and teens with ADHD.

5 Ways to Be a Better Dad: Parenting Strategies for Men with ADHD
Expert: Terry M. Dickson, M.D., ACG, CPCC
Special parenting strategies for men with ADHD to avoid angry outbursts, repair self-esteem, and move beyond setbacks.

Best Strategies for Stressed-Out Moms Raising Kids with ADHD
Expert: Kirk Martin
It’s not easy raising a kid with attention deficit. These specific, concrete strategies that work in everyday situations will help.

Practical Advice from Parents Who ‘Get’ ADHD
Expert: Peter Jensen, M.D.
The best parenting tips from families who’ve been there, done that, and mastered attention deficit.

Raising a Child with ADHD and Special Needs
Experts: Gina Gallagher and Katie Gallagher
How to let go of the expectations and start loving the reality.

Accept Your Child’s Diagnosis, Accept the Life It Brings
Expert: Marianne Russo
Ready to get real about your child’s ADHD? Marianne Russo explains how to use a strengths-based approach to develop social skills and life skills and become a true advocate for your child.

Calm the Chaos: Strategies for Managing Emotionally Intense ADHD Kids and Parents
Experts: Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC and Diane Dempster
Coaches Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster offer tips for managing intense emotions (no small feat, with ADHD impulsivity in the equation) and preventing angry outbursts.

Family Mindfulness: How to Manage Stress and Stay Happy in ADHD Households
Expert: Mark Bertin, M.D.
Want a calmer, happier household? Mark Bertin, M.D., explains how mindfulness can lead to better parenting and offers tips for dialing down stress in your family.

Motivate Your ADHD Child: What Makes Kids Tick and How Parents Can Help
Expert: Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
Tired of nagging your ADHD kid? Ann Dolin, M.Ed., teaches parents how to inspire initiative in your child. The turnaround can start by spending just 15 minutes a day doing something he likes together.

Secrets to Raising a Confident, Successful, Happy ADHD Child
Expert: William Dodson, M.D.
Ready to be your child’s champion? ADHDers most often lead happy, successful lives when they had someone during their childhood who never gave up on them. William Dodson, M.D., explains how to be that parent.

Positive Parenting: Helping Young Children with ADHD Reach Their Full Potential
Expert: Mary Rooney, Ph.D.
Improving behavior in elementary-aged children through consistency, external motivators, and selective negative consequences, from Mary Rooney, a clinical psychologist at the ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorders Center.

Schedules and Organizing

A Parent’s Guide to Executive Function Skills: Strategies for Tweens and Teens
Experts: Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP and Kristen Jacobsen, M.S., CCC/SLP
Solutions for building stronger executive functions in teens.

Kid-Friendly Strategies for Managing Time with an ADHD Mind
Expert: Marydee Sklar
Learn why children with ADHD struggle with the concept of time–and what you can do about it.

Organizing Your ADHD Child
Expert: Jill Murphy
Does your child understand the difference between “tidy” and “organized”? Do you? Jill Murphy shares simple, effective organizing tools that will do more than just clear floors and surfaces at home and in the classroom.

Sleep Solutions for Children with ADHD
Expert: Lisa Shives, M.D.
Poor sleep can exacerbate symptoms for ADHD children, but getting a good night’s rest can be a struggle. Lisa Shives, M.D. and Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, discuss strategies parents can start using at bedtime tonight.

Sports and Hobbies

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Video Games—and How Parents Can Tell the Difference and Take Action
Experts: Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., ABPP, and Ryan Sipes
In this webinar, Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D, and Ryan Sipes explain how parents can turn video games into a positive influence for kids with ADHD.

Beyond Minecraft: The Best Games and Apps for Kids with ADHD and LD
Experts: Randy Kulman, Ph.D. and James Daley
Randy Kulman, Ph.D., and James Daley, share tips for using your child’s love of Minecraft to teach life skills and find new interests.

Screen-Smart Parenting: Reap the Benefits of Technology While Avoiding Pitfalls
Expert: Jodi Gold, M.D.
Do you kids always have a controller or tablet glued to their hands? Instead of fighting it, learn how to make technology work for your child with ADHD and your family. Jodi Gold, M.D., shares helpful tips to understand the risks and teach your child the rules of being a citizen of the digital world.

Screen Time Limits and Transitions
Expert: Randy Kulman, Ph.D.
Making sure homework gets done before playing Minecraft.

Minecraft & ADHD Kids
Experts: Randy Kulman, Ph.D. and James Daley
Your child flourishes when breaking and building blocks in a pixelated world — but when is it time to unplug from the virtual and join reality?

Tech That Teaches: The Best Apps, Games, and Software for ADHD Children
Expert: Randy Kulman, Ph.D.
Can’t tear your child away from video games? Use his love of technology to boost organization, planning, and academic skills. Randy Kulman, Ph.D., and James Daley recommend games and apps that can help ADHD kids succeed.

Talking About ADHD and LD

What Is ADHD? Explaining It to Family, Friends, Teachers, and Colleagues
Expert: Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
Do people in your or your child’s life just not get attention deficit? Michele Novotni, Ph.D., shares strategies and sample language you can use to explain ADHD in different settings, and to raise awareness in your community.

Teens and Young Adults

College Standouts: How Empower Your Teen with ADHD/LD to Succeed on Campus
Expert: Theresa Maitland, Ph.D.
Theresa Maitland, Ph.D., explains how to prepare teens with ADHD for independence at college.

The Case for a Gap Year: How Students with ADHD Benefit from a Year of Perspective
Expert: John Willson, M.S.
The value of a Gap Year to help teens with ADHD mature, learn life skills, and clear their heads of school stress.

Teaching Preteen Independence Without Hovering
Expert: Peg Dawson, Ed.D.
Strategies for teaching your adolescent to balance responsibility with freedom, while building up executive skills.

Sex, Love, and ADHD: What Your Teen Needs to Know
Expert: Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D.
How to help your emotional and impulsive teen get a handle on love and sex.

Drive Safely: Best Practices for ADHD Teens Behind the Wheel
Expert: Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D.
Before you hand over the keys, be sure your teen is equipped with these safe driving strategies.

Look Forward to Adulthood: The Game Plan for Young ADHD Adults
Expert: Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D.
Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., guides ADHD teens (and their parents) through the many challenges of the transition to adulthood, including achieving success in college, finding the right job, and taking control of daily living responsibilities.

The Brain-Behavior Connection in Children with ADHD
Expert: Joel Nigg, Ph.D.
Understanding the ADHD brain’s “structural volumes” (which are smaller than in neurotypical brains) and white matter (the brain’s fiber optic network that develops more slowly than in a neurotypical brain).

Emotions and ADHD: How Adults and Teens Can Find Emotional Balance
Expert: Thomas Brown, Ph.D.
Shame, anger, guilt, hopelessness – feelings like these can take over and cause an ADHDer to get “stuck” at school, at work, or in relationships. Dr. Thomas Brown brings attention to the unrecognized role emotions play in our lives.

The College Transition: How to Prepare Your ADHD/LD Teen for Success in Life
Expert: Theresa Maitland, Ph.D.
Is your teen ready to manage his time, secure accommodations, renew his ADHD medication…do his laundry? Theresa Maitland, Ph.D., co-author of On Your Own: A College Readiness Guide for Teens with ADHD/LD, explains how to prepare your young adult ADDer.

Teens with ADHD: How to Sharpen Executive Function Skills and Help Them Succeed
Expert: Peg Dawson, Ed.D.
Smart But Scattered co-author Peg Dawson, Ed.D., explains how to strengthen the executive skills teens with ADHD need, like planning, organization, and time management, to make good, independent decisions.

Put Your ADHD Teen in the Lead: How to Stop Managing and Start Supporting
Expert: Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC, BCC
Parents of ADHD teens must eventually take a step back to encourage them to develop independence. Jodi Sleeper-Triplett explains how to become your child’s coach, modeling healthy behaviors and life skills.

Living with Adult ADHD

Marriage and Friendship Help

How to Talk About ADHD
Expert: Edward Hallowell, M.D.
Nothing causes more foot-in-mouth moments for ADHDers (or parents of ADHDers) than when trying to discuss attention deficit. No more fumbling for the perfect response! In this audio and slide presentation, hosted by Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., you’ll get ADHD-tested and doctor approved answers for handling even the nastiest remarks about ADHD.

ADHD’s Impact on Sex and Relationships
Experts: Ari Tuckman, Psy D., MBA and Linda Roggli, PPC
Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA, and Linda Roggli, PCC, discuss how ADHD adults can achieve a more satisfying sex life by treating symptoms and improving communication in their relationship.

Love, Marriage, and ADHD: Improving Communication and Finding Balance in Your Relationship
Expert: Melissa Orlov
Marriage consultant Melissa Orlov offers relationship-saving advice on communicating clearly and fighting productively, allocating household duties, helping a partner who denies ADHD, and more.

Success on the Job

7 Ways to Be More Productive — and Crush It At Work
Expert: Alan Brown
Alan Brown explains how people with ADHD can overcome symptoms to succeed at school or work.

ADHD Career Clinic: Find the Right Job and Manage Symptoms in the Workplace
Expert: Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC
Finding the right job is vital for ADHD adults. Career counselor Wilma Fellman advises on choosing a job that suits your passions, strengths, and weaknesses, and how to manage symptoms once you get your dream job.

Managing Time and Money

It’s About Time: Understanding the Science of Time Management with ADHD
Expert: Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA
In this webinar, Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA., explains how to identify and overcome common challenges managing time.

We’re Engaged! How to Transform Your Boredom Into Motivation, Engagement, and Action
Expert: Jeff Copper
How to control boredom and keep your ADHD mind engaged at home and at work.

7 Fixes for Self-Defeating ADHD Behaviors in Adults
Expert: Alan Brown
Are your bad habits setting you up for failure? Find out how these seven changes can help you reach your full potential and lead you on a path to success.

How ADHDers Can Turn Intentions into Actions
Expert: J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D.
Strategies for organizing your behavior to complete tasks, manage time, and achieve your goals.

Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done
Expert: Timothy Pychyl, Ph.D.
Discover the emotional root of your procrastination problem and learn which strategies can help you ditch the delay.

Smart Money Strategies for ADHD Adults
Expert: Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D
Executive function challenges frequently lead to financial woes for ADHD adults. Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D., offers tips on curbing impulsive spending and sticking to a budget, and recommends the best money management apps.

CBT for ADHD: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Improve Time Management and Executive Function
Expert: Mary Solanto, Ph.D.
Mary Solanto, Ph.D., outlines cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that can help ADHD adults overcome procrastination, ward off the irrational thoughts that can lead to anxiety and depression, and more.

Defeat Distractions: How Adults with ADHD Can Increase Productivity at Work and at Home
Expert: Geraldine Markel, Ph.D.
Adults with ADHD have an especially hard time refocusing after interruptions, whether from technology, from other people, or internal sources. Geraldine Markel, Ph.D., outlines a seven-step system to limit distractions.

Time-Blindness and ADHD: Become More Aware of Time and Learn to Manage It
Expert: Ari Tuckman, Psy.D.
Are you always late? Does time feel “infinite” or “like a black hole” to you? Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., explains why common time-management techniques don’t work for ADDers, and describes some solutions that will.

Fast Minds: Managing Time, Tasks, and Relationships When You Have Adult ADHD
Experts: Craig Surman, M.D., and Tim Bilkey, M.D.
Dr. Craig Surman and Dr. Tim Bilkey describe the organization and time-management strategies that work best for ADDers, explain how to drop negative thinking patterns, and more to help adults with “fast minds” start thriving.

You Can Do It! Managing Adult ADHD All Day, From Morning Through Bedtime
Expert: Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
ADHD doesn’t affect adults only during the workday. Michele Novotni, Ph.D., presents everyday solutions for fighting procrastination, identifying strengths, getting motivated in the morning, and, yes, getting to sleep at night.

Tame Your To-Do List: Stay on Time and on Task with Adult ADHD
Expert: Beth Main
Do you have trouble getting things done? Use the concrete strategies from ADHD coach Beth Main to develop a task-management system that works, avoid procrastination, and learn when to delegate, defer, and drop to-do items.

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Adult ADHD
Expert: Emily Anhalt, Psy.D.
Learn about a three-layered approach to fostering a healthy relationship with your ADHD, and leveraging it as a positive force in your life.

Mindfulness for Adults Living with ADHD
Expert: Mark Bertin, M.D.
Learn how mindfulness can improve your mental clarity and emotional openness so you can start living life in real time.

Just Diagnosed? How to Succeed with Adult ADHD
Expert: Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
A late-in-life ADHD diagnosis doesn’t mean it’s all over! Michele Novotni, Ph.D., shares strategies for becoming a self-advocate, so you can live your best life with ADHD.

Survival Strategies for Moms with ADHD
Expert: Ellen B. Littman, Ph.D.
How to survive and thrive as an ADHD mom raising ADHD kids

Stick to Your Goals, the ADHD Way
Expert: Judith Kolberg
Behavior modification tips for organizing your life and meeting your goals.

Your ADHD-Tested Weight-Loss Guide
Expert: Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.
Could ADHD be standing between you and your weight-loss goals?

Why ADHDers Can’t Sleep—and What You Can Do About It
Expert: Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.
Tools to help adults and kids with ADHD fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel energized throughout the day.

Overcome ADHD Procrastination
Expert: J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D.
Is just getting started always the hardest part of the task for you? J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., explains how to identify your “tipping points” that will spur you to start and finish projects.

Feeling Good About Your Amazing ADHD Brain
Expert: Stacey Turis
Do you live your life comparing yourself to others and feeling guilty? ADDitude blogger Stacey Turis, an expert on being weird, explains how to stop and what can happen when you embrace doing things your way.

Managing Adult ADHD Sensitivities and Emotions
Expert: Zoë Kessler
Zoë Kessler, diagnosed in mid-life, knows firsthand that adults with ADHD experience emotions and even physical sensations in the extreme. She explains the phenomenon, and shares personal advice on managing sensitivities.

Overcoming ADHD Shame: Why We Feel It and How to Manage It
Expert: Ned Hallowell, M.D.
Leading ADHD expert Ned Hallowell, M.D., explains how to accept your ADHD as a neurobiological condition, not a character weakness, and how to surround yourself with people who believe the same.

Weight-Loss Secrets for ADHD Adults
Expert: John Fleming, Ph.D.
Have you been unsuccessful at losing weight? John Fleming, Ph.D., explains how sleep habits can affect weight, why you should treat your ADHD before trying to shed pounds, and other ADHD-friendly slim-down tips.

How ADHD Adults Can Turn Deficits into Assets
Expert: Joyce A. Kubik, CMC
Adult ADDers not only forget things and arrive late, we call attention to those behaviors. Coach Joyce Kubik teaches you how to stop calling out your ADHDisms, and how to feel good about yourself.

“I Am Good Enough” – How ADHD Adults Can Accept and Value Differences and Thrive
Expert: Sari Solden, M.S., LMFT
Tired of being “neuro-profiled” by society and feeling not good enough? Sari Solden shares ways adults with ADHD can learn to value their differences, and recognize their unique skills and gifts.

The Resilient ADHDer: How to Bounce Back from Stress and Transitions
Expert: Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC, BCC
ADHDers are especially vulnerable to setbacks, and can be left reeling after a job loss or the end of a relationship. Coach Jodi Sleeper-Triplett offers specific strategies to shift your mindset and increase resiliency.

“You’re Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy!” Managing Stress and Negative Self-Talk for ADHD Adults
Expert: Peggy Ramundo, B.S., A.C.T., SCAC
Practical advice for ADHD adults to defuse negative self-talk, and make good decisions when emotions throw you off course, from Peggy Ramundo, co-author of the best-selling book, You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?!

Remember More, Forget Less: How to Improve Your Working Memory
Expert: Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA
Weak working memory is what causes adults with ADHD to forget where we parked the car or the item we just ran to the store to buy. Dr. Ari Tuckman presents exercises and tricks you can use to build up your working memory.

Organizing the Household

Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD
Expert: Susan C. Pinsky
Feeling lost in the mess of “stuff?” Follow these simple, why didn’t I think of that? solutions to calm the chaos and conquer the clutter — for good

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, Now!
Expert: Judith Kolberg
Judith Kolberg, a pioneer of the field of professional organizing, shares her innovative advice to help chronically disorganized adults with ADHD clear their space and get things done.

Clutter Cures: FlyLady’s ADD-Friendly Answers to Eliminate Household Chaos
Expert: Marla Cilley
Are you living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)? Marla Cilley, the founder of, explains the concrete “baby steps” ADDers can take to de-clutter and establish new household routines.

Moms with ADHD: Keep Your Kids and Yourself Organized and Get Things Done!
Expert: Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW
Terry Matlen shares her best strategies, from one woman and mom with ADHD to another, about limiting responsibilities, creating structure for yourself and your child, managing paperwork and clutter, and more.

Get Started, Get Organized, Get Things Done: Practical Solutions for ADHD Adults
Expert: Sandy Maynard, M.S.
Streamlining your ever-growing piles of paperwork, developing new routines to stay organized — and sticking with them, setting up systems to jog your memory, and more from adult ADHD coach Sandy Maynard, M.S.

Treating ADHD & Related Conditions

ADHD Medications

Medication Management with Dr. Dodson: How to Use and Adjust Stimulants Safely
Expert: William Dodson, M.D.
Guidelines for clinicians to prescribe stimulants safely.

How to Solve the Three Biggest Challenges of ADHD Medication for Children
Expert: Laurie Dupar
Guidelines to make your treatment plan work safely and effectively with tips on how to bypass the three most common problems with ADHD medications.

Defuse Defiance: Treating Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Kids and Adults
Expert: William Dodson, M.D.
Standard discipline tactics, like offering rewards for good behavior, don’t work for kids with ODD. Dr. William Dodson describes the medications and behavior programs that do make a difference, and why parents shouldn’t delay treatment.

ADHD Medications: Minimizing Side Effects and Using Meds Effectively
Expert: William Dodson, M.D.
Learn all about choosing ADHD medications, minimizing side effects, fine-tuning treatment, and much more from board-certified psychiatrist Dr. William Dodson.

Natural ADHD Treatments

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Unlocks Positivity and Productivity for Adults with ADHD
Expert: J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D.
J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., explains the lasting benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy for adults with ADHD.

Your ADHD Back-to-School Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Expert: Laura J. Stevens, M.S.
Laura J. Stevens, M.S., explains how to improve your child’s diet at school and at home to ease ADHD symptoms.

More Than Meds: A Parent’s Guide to Using Behavioral Therapy
Expert: William Pelham Jr., Ph.D.
William Pelham Jr., Ph.D., explains the advantages of behavior therapy to treat ADHD.

ADHD-Friendly Nutrition Strategies for Your Child and Teen
Expert: Laura Stevens, M.S.
Parents of picky-eaters, rejoice! Nutrition expert Laura Stevens, M.S., explains how to manage common food sensitivities so kids get the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Solutions for Language and Auditory Processing Problems in Children with ADHD
Expert: Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
Problems with sound discrimination, auditory memory, and language processing are common among children with ADHD. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help. Martha S. Burns, Ph.D., explains the science behind brain training programs for children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Food Fixes for Better Attention, Focus, and Cognition
Expert: Tana Amen, BSN, RN
What you should (and absolutely should not) be eating to help manage ADHD symptoms.

What’s Eating Your Child? How Foods Affect ADHD Symptoms
Expert: Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND
Nutrition detective Kelly Dorfman gives the lowdown on food dyes, gluten sensitivity, and ADHD; the culprit foods you should eliminate from your child’s diet; and key nutrients your child probably isn’t getting enough of.

How Mother Nature Can Ease Symptoms
Expert: Andrea Faber Taylor, Ph.D.
Andrea Faber Taylor, Ph.D., shares her research proving that children with ADHD benefit from time in natural settings. Learn how green time can increase focus, and how to maximize your child’s exposure.

Thrive with ADHD: Dr. Ned Hallowell on the Best Medical and Natural Treatments
Expert: Ned Hallowell, M.D.
Let Ned Hallowell, M.D., inspire you to switch from trying to “fix” your child or yourself to raising a champion. He discusses an optimized treatment plan that includes medical and natural interventions as well as lifestyle changes.

Mindfulness: A Natural Therapy to Manage ADHD Symptoms
Expert: Lidia Zylowska, M.D.
Ever wish you could just slow down your ADHD brain? Board-certified psychiatrist Lidia Zylowska discusses how you can meditate, decrease stress, and reframe negative situations through mindfulness.

The ADHD Diet: Best Supplements, Vitamins, and Foods for Kids with Attention Deficit
Expert: Sandy Newmark, M.D.
Sandy Newmark, M.D., explains why the right nutrition can make a big difference for children with ADHD. Learn the family meal-planning approach (starting with a good breakfast!) that can help improve symptoms.

Alternative Therapies: Non-Medical Interventions to Manage ADHD Symptoms
Expert: Sandy Newmark, M.D.
Would you like to reduce your dose or do away with ADHD meds? Learn about effective nutrition for ADHD and minerals and supplements that can help manage symptoms from Dr. Sandy Newmark, author of ADHD Without Drugs: A Guide to Natural Care of Children with ADHD.

Fine-Tuning Treatment

ADHD Children: The Right Diagnosis and Best Treatment Options
Expert: Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.
Thomas Brown, Ph.D., offers no-nonsense advice on diagnosing ADHD in children (without missing related conditions like anxiety or depression) and why managing ADHD will require more than medication.

What to Treat First? Depression, Anxiety, and Other Comorbid Conditions Associated with ADHD
Expert: Larry B. Silver, M.D.
ADHD is frequently accompanied by one or more comorbid conditions, such as depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, or ODD. Dr. Larry B. Silver explains what to look for, and how to treat dual diagnoses.

Growing Up ADHD: Treating Attention Deficit in Preschoolers Through Adults
Expert: Steven Dickstein, M.D.
Steven Dickstein, M.D., explores age-appropriate medical and non-medical ADHD treatments, as well as how to adapt treatment based on symptoms, diagnoses, and an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

School & Learning

School Accommodations

Choosing the Right Technology Supports for Middle & High School Students
Expert: Shelley Haven
Help your middle- or high-school student “power up” to the next grade level with e-learning solutions.

Your Legal Rights at School: Get the IEP or 504 Plan Your Child Is Entitled To
Expert: Matt Cohen, Esq.
By now you’ve heard that your child has a legal right to accommodations at school, but understanding exactly what those accommodations are is another story.

A Back-to-School Checkup for Your Child’s IEP/504 Plan
Expert: Susan Yellin
Concerned that last year’s ADHD accommodations won’t make the grade for the upcoming school year? It could be time to reevaluate your child’s IEP/504.

The IEP/504 Check Up: Are Your Child’s Accommodations Set for the School Year?
Expert: Susan Yellin, Esq.
Education attorney Susan Yellin, Esq., explains what schools should be doing to make sure a child’s IEP/504 Plan will continue to serve him well, and steps parents can take to update accommodations for ADHD or LD.

IEP vs. 504 Plans: Learn the Differences and Secure School Services for Your ADHD Child
Expert: Susan Yellin, Esq.
Children with ADHD or learning disabilities may benefit from accommodations or special education services at school. Educational attorney and advocate Susan Yellin, Esq., explains how parents can request an IEP or 504 Plan.

Executive Function Deficits and ADHD at School: Accommodations That Work
Expert: Chris Zeiler Dendy, M.S.
Education and mental health specialist Chris Zeigler Dendy explains how to work with your child’s school as well as the specific accommodations that will help your ADHD child with executive function deficits succeed academically.

Homework and Study Skills

Free Webinar Replay: Lessons Learned — and Shared — by Homeschool Families That Help All Students
Expert: Kathy Kuhl
Kathy Kuhl explains how to customize your child’s education to tap into his or her strengths.

Homework Problems You Can Solve: A Parent’s Guide to Conquering Assignments
Expert: Peg Dawson Ed.D.

Peg Dawson Ed.D., explains how to end fights over homework time, once and for all.

Fight the Fizzle: How to Maintain Your Child’s Academic Motivation
Expert: Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
Effective ways to keep kids’ motivation going strong long past the first few weeks of school.

Ready, Set, Work: Help Students Fight Procrastination and Get to Work
Expert: Cindy Goldrich
Cindy Goldrich explains how to help your child start work in a timely manner.

Download This! Assistive Technology for Tweens and Teens with ADHD
Expert: Janet DeSenzo
The best tools and apps to help teens and tweens with ADHD finish their homework.

Homework Made Simple: Strategies for Students with ADHD
Expert: Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
Homework doesn’t need to be daily battle between parents and their ADHD children.

ADHD and Executive Functions: Tips, Tools, and Solutions for Academic Success
Expert: Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
Executive function lets us learn and get things done, but it’s often in short supply in kids with attention deficit. Ann Dolin, M.Ed., answers questions about reducing homework struggles and the skills that help kids learn.

Stop School Stress: Targeted Strategies to Improve Focus, Study Skills, and Daily Routines
Expert: Kirk Martin
Kirk Martin, founder of, gives parents the tools to handle morning frenzy and after-school fatigue, partner with teachers to help them understand your ADHD child, and more.

Getting Homework Done: Practical Strategies for Students with ADHD
Expert: Michele Borba, Ed.D.
Michele Borba, Ed.D., advises parents on creating healthy homework habits and addresses specific concerns, like math or reading challenges, to help make homework less of a battle.

The Organized Student

How to Start (and End) the School Year Organized
Expert: Susan Lasky, M.A.
Many children with ADHD live with serious executive function challenges that impact school performance. They forget to write down homework assignments, lose important papers in a bottomless backpack, and feel overwhelmed by big projects. These smart, creative kids end up earning disappointing grades, in large part because they’ve never learned how to get (and stay) organized with ADHD.

Where Is My Notebook? Teaching Organization Skills That Last
Expert: Shari Gent
No more forgotten papers, missed deadlines, or perpetually messy desks! Shari Gent explains how parents can help their children conquer time management and implement a lasting organizational system.

The Organized Student: Set Your ADHD Child Up to Succeed at School
Expert: Donna Goldberg
How many times has your ADHD child completed his homework, then lost it before he could turn it in? Donna Goldberg offers solutions to help tame the chaos of lockers and backpacks and keep computer files organized.

School Success: Practical Tools to Help Your ADHD Child Achieve in the Classroom
Expert: Susan Kruger, M.Ed.
Techniques to help children with ADHD and learning disabilities plan assignments, finish homework without arguing, improve working memory, and much more from Susan Kruger, a certified teacher and reading specialist.

Reading, Writing, and Math

What Summer Slide?! Parent Strategies for Year-Round Learning
Expert: Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
Effective ways to keep kids’ minds sharp during summer vacation days.

How Mindset Impacts Learning
Expert: Cindy Goldrich
Explore the best ways to help children see themselves as learners and to help them persevere amid setbacks.

Summer Learning Strategies for ADHD Kids
Expert: Jodi Sleeper-Triplett
While kids do need a break from their rigorous academic schedules in the summer, learning shouldn’t come to a halt just because school’s out of session.

ADHD and Gifted? Helping Twice-Exceptional Kids Succeed
Experts: Diane M. Kennedy and Rebecca Banks-Cull
Navigating the 2e world to ensure your child reaches his or her full potential.

Keep Your ADHD Child Learning All Summer: Fun Ways to Boost Academic Skills
Expert: Sandra Rief, M.A.
Don’t let your child lose the academic skills he gained last last school year! ADHD education specialist Sandra Rief, M.A., suggests fun summer activities parents can use to improve math, reading, and writing abilities.

School Behavior and Social Life

Comeback Kids: Building Resilience in Students with ADHD
Expert: Anna Vagin, Ph.D.
Anna Vagin, Ph.D., explains how to help kids with ADHD bounce back from disappointment.

“My Child is Being Bullied at School!”
Expert: Michele Borba, Ed.D.
Children with ADHD are often prime targets for school bullies — in class, at lunch, and during recess. They may draw a bully’s attention by receiving classroom accommodations, exhibiting weak social skills, or just being “different.” Kids who are bullied often come to dread going to school; they also suffer low self-esteem, grades, and academic performance. In other words, this is a serious problem.

Solve ADHD Behavioral Challenges at School
Expert: Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.
It’s time to move beyond “time-outs” and sticker charts. Learn to work collaboratively with your child to solve behavioral issues.

How Stress Impacts Learning & Behavior in Kids with ADHD
Expert: Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.
School life involves planning and organizing, prolonged periods of focus, and high-pressure testing–all of which can prove stressful for ADHD and LD kids.

Addressing ADHD Behaviors in the Classroom
Expert: Chris Dendy, M.S.
Effective strategies for parents and teachers of students with ADHD

Do’s and Don’ts of Behavior Management at School
Expert: Sharon K. Weiss, M.Ed.
ADHD doesn’t just affect kids’ academic abilities in the classroom, it affects the way they behave. Sharon K. Weiss, M.Ed., shares strategies teachers and parents can use to manage impulsivity, distractibility, and other challenging behaviors.

Social Thinking in the Classroom
Expert: Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC
Children with ADHD may be excluded by “friends,” but not know why. Michelle Garcia Winner explains how to help your child develop his “social thinking vocabulary” and respond to subtle social cues.

Stop the Bully: Helping Your ADHD Child Overcome Teasing
Expert: Cathi Cohen, LCSW
If your child with ADHD is the target of aggressive teasing and social rejection, it’s heartbreaking. Cathi Cohen, LCSW, explains ways to respond if your child has been bullied, and how to prevent it.

Working with the School

An Educator’s Guide to Teaching Students with ADHD
Expert: Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.
Jerome J. Schultz, Ph.D. explains how to teachers can create effective learning environments for students with ADHD.

ADHD Treatment Monitoring for Back-to-School
Expert: David Rabiner, Ph.D.
Expert David Rabiner, Ph.D., explains how to work with teachers to get your child’s treatment plan back on track.

Your Back-to-School Game Plan
Expert: Chris Zeigler Dendy, M.S.
What’s your plan for the first weeks of school? Chris Zeigler Dendy, M.S., shares pages from her playbook, including developing a schedule and how to find an ally at school who really understands your child.

Securing Accommodations: Working with Your ADHD Child’s School
Expert: Matt Cohen, J.D.
Special education lawyer Matt Cohen, J.D., answers parents’ questions about getting teachers on your team, best IEP and 504 Plans for ADHD children, steps to take when your child is denied accommodations, and more.

ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

ADHD Symptoms and Statistics

Emotions and ADHD: What Clinicians Need to Know for Accurate Diagnosis
Expert: William Dodson, M.D.
Learn the very powerful emotional components of attention deficit.

ADHD in Adults vs. Children: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Expert: William Dodson, M.D.
Learn how childhood ADHD differs from adult ADHD — and why it’s never too late for treatment.

How Brain Imaging Changes Everything
Expert: Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
Dr. Daniel G. Amen, founder of Amen Clinics, shares the most important lessons he’s learned from the world’s largest database of brain scans related to ADD/ADHD, including natural ways to heal the brain.

Secrets of the ADHD Brain, Revealed: Understanding Core Symptoms and Working with Strengths
Expert: William Dodson, M.D.
Dr. William Dodson takes us on an insider’s tour of the ADHD nervous system. Learn how to build on your strengths to function at remarkable levels, get engaged in a task you find boring, and more.

Diagnosing ADHD

Is It ADHD — or AGE? Recognizing and Treating ADHD in Midlife and Beyond
Expert: Linda Roggli, PCC
Linda Roggli, PCC, discusses how ADHD can mirror signs of normal aging, and how to identify symptoms in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Adult ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment
Expert: Dr. Edward Hallowell
Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, practicing child and adult psychiatrist and founder of the Hallowell Centers, will guide webinar participants through a step-by-step approach to recognizing, diagnosing, and treating symptoms of ADHD in adults.

ADHD–Everything You Need to Know About Causes and Treatments
Expert: Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D.
Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D., explains why rates of ADHD diagnosis are skyrocketing around the world, how misinformation jeopardizes treatment, and guidelines for parents and professionals to overcome these obstacles.

The ADHD Explosion: The Facts Behind the Rapid Rise in Diagnoses
Expert: Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D.
One in 20 kids was diagnosed with ADHD in the 1980s and ’90s. One in nine is diagnosed with the condition today. Dr. Stephen Hinshaw explains what’s behind this rise in ADHD diagnoses.

Dr. Amen on the 7 Types of ADHD: Understanding Your Type and the Best Way to Treat It
Expert: Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
Dr. Daniel G. Amen, author of Healing ADD, discusses his proposed seven types of attention deficit disorder. Learn which type you or your child may have, and the best way to treat symptoms.

Diagnosing ADHD: What You (and Your Doctor) Need to Know
Expert: Joel Nigg, M.D.
Do you think you or your child might have ADHD? Joel Nigg, M.D., explains how to get a foolproof diagnosis, discusses new diagnostic techniques, like brain imaging, and runs through what you should do before seeing a doctor.

Related Conditions

Learning Strategies for Children with ADHD and Dyslexia
Expert: Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.
In this webinar, Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., explains treatment interventions and academic accommodations that can help children with dyslexia.

Overcoming Dysgraphia and Writing Challenges: A Guide for Teachers and Parents
Expert: Kendra Wagner, M.A.
In this webinar, Kendra Wagner, M.A., explains how to identify and overcome dysgraphia and writing challenges.

Could It Be Nonverbal Learning Disability? An Overlooked LD in Kids with ADHD
Expert: Amy Margolis, Ph.D.
In this webinar, Amy Margolis, Ph.D, explains how to identify and treat NVLD.

Emotional Distress Syndrome and the ADHD Brain
Expert: James M. Ochoa, LPC
James Ochoa, LPC, explains how to lead a happy, productive life with Emotional Distress Syndrome.

“What Are You Saying?” Auditory Processing Disorder in Children
Expert: Lois Kam Heymann, M.A., CCC-SLP
Lois Kam Heymann, M.A., CCC-SLP, explains how to identify auditory processing disorder in children.

How Bipolar Disorder Looks A Lot Like ADHD: Detection and Treatment of a Misunderstood Condition
Expert: Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.
Strategies for distinguishing bipolar from ADHD and treatment options.

Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder in Adolescents and Adults
Expert: Carol Kranowitz, M.A.
Strategies for living better with SPD and treatment options.

The Anxiety and Depression Hiding Within: How to Recognize and Treat Latent Co-occurring Conditions
Expert: Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.
How to screen for co-occuring anxiety and depression for people with ADHD.

Triple Threat: A Parent’s Guide to Managing ADHD, Anxiety, and/or Autism in Children
Expert: Laurie Better Perlis, Psy.D.
An explanation of each diagnosis and some very fine-tuned strategies for managing treatment — and everyday life.

The ADHD-Executive Function Connection
Expert: Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.
Strategies for helping your child or helping yourself improve skills in each area affected by executive functions.

Sensory Processing Disorder in Kids
Expert: Carol Kranowitz, M.A.
Strategies for identifying and treating this ADHD look-alike.

Getting Started

The Bright Side of ADHD: Dr. Ned Hallowell on Embracing and Succeeding with Attention Deficit
Expert: Ned Hallowell, M.D.
ADHD can be a gift, as long as you find the right ways to manage it. ADD guru Dr. Ned Hallowell discusses ways to stay organized, meet your goals, and control comorbid conditions.

Myths About ADHD and LD

ADHD Myths and the Stigmas They Perpetuate: A Guide to Overcoming Shame
Expert: Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
In this special ADHD Awareness webinar, Michele Novotni, Ph.D., explains how to overcome the stigma created by myths about ADHD.

Exposing ADHD Myths: Science’s New Understanding of the Disorder
Expert: Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.
Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., offers the latest research to refute common myths about attention deficit disorder, including “ADHD isn’t real,” “bad parenting causes ADHD,” and “most kids outgrow ADHD.”

Women and ADHD

The Happiness Project for Women with ADHD
Expert: Sari Solden M.S., LMFT
Sari Solden M.S., LMFT, explains how women and girls with ADHD can move past shame, into a happy, fulfilled life.

The Secret Lives of Women with ADHD: What No One Ever Told (or Asked) You About Your ADHD
Expert: Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW
Terry Matlen conquers some of the biggest challenges facing women with ADHD in everyday life.

Girls and Women with ADHD: Gender Differences and Stigma
Expert: Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
Women with ADHD are more frequently diagnosed later in life than men. Michele Novotni, Ph.D., discusses why this happens, the unique challenges ADHD brings for girls and women, and how symptoms change during menopause.

The 10-Step Plan for Moms with ADHD Kids
Expert: Kirk Martin
Raising a child with ADHD can be isolating. When the world doesn’t understand the challenges you face and resentment builds up between you and your spouse, use these strategies from Kirk Martin to get the support you need.

Girls and Women with ADHD: Gender Differences and Stigma
Expert: Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D.
ADHD doesn’t affect only boys. As Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D., explains, the disorder can look different in women and girls, and they face greater stigma surrounding symptoms.

ADHD in Women: How to Unlock Your Potential After a Midlife Diagnosis
Expert: Zoë Kessler
Best-selling author Zoë Kessler shares her story, which every woman with ADD will relate to, and her strategies and resources to heal emotionally and overcome shame after a midlife diagnosis.