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Storage Help

“I want to get organized, but I don’t know what kind of storage bins to buy. Plus, I worry that I’ll forget about anything that’s neatly tucked away. Help!”

First, collect and pile everything that you’re trying to organize (CDs, swim gear, pictures, gardening materials, whatever) in one location. Place any duplicate items or things you no longer need into an ordinary cardboard box, and then toss them or give them away. Now that you can see exactly what needs to be stored, you can get a better idea of the kinds of containers you’ll need.

Let’s say you’re storing gardening equipment: You might want a large, wheeled tub for bags of potting soil and a small bin for shears and shovels. See-through containers will help you keep track of stored items. If you can find only opaque containers, label them clearly with permanent markers on masking tape.