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Hooked on Social Media? How to Break the Habit

Need a hand limiting your time on social media? Here’s what readers say works for them, from blocking apps to time outdoors.

Illustration of iphone hovering in hand of ADHD person with dozens of app symbols floating out of phone
Illustration of iphone hovering in hand of ADHD person with dozens of app symbols floating out of phone

“I deactivated my accounts! My Facebook account made me very anxious, and took up time that I could have been using to get ahead in school or to visit with friends. I am happier without the sites.”
—An ADDitude Reader

“I have the opposite problem. I never go on social media. At work I’m on the computer all day, so I have to force myself to go on the computer at home.”
—Elizabeth H. Dole, Lake Worth, Florida

“For our daughter, we balance social media with social activities, work, and outdoor activities. We have been proactive in helping her find her passions.”
—Sherry Hubbard, Bellevue, Nebraska

“I concentrate on gardening and my child’s needs, and I don’t allow late-night screen time.”
—Nicolas Clausen, Denver, Colorado

“We don’t have trouble limiting our time on social media. Our ADHD daughter, however, is a social media/screen junkie and has sleeplessness along with it. We have yet to come up with solutions.”
—An ADDitude Reader

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“My children are not allowed to have phones or unsupervised time on electronics until seventh grade. At that point, we will take it a day at a time.”
—An ADDitude Reader

“I try to do some form exercise when I have the urge to go on social media.”
—Lisa, New Jersey

“I get bored with social media and move on. I have ADHD, after all. Everything gets boring.”
—Kent Aitchison, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

“I struggle with Internet overuse. Going on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media depresses me because I compare myself with others who seem to be accomplishing more.”
—Christine Martin, Stephens City, Virginia

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“We have been using an app called Our Pact. It is a godsend! When I tell my son to turn off his device, he has a meltdown. But there is little or no fuss when the app just shuts off the computer.”
—Karen, New Jersey

“I remember that I’m being watched by my sons and want to be a good example to them, so that helps me limit my time.”
—Angela Sulik, Corpus Christi, Texas

“I deleted all social media from cell phones, tablets, and other devices.”
—Gabriela Alfaro, Palmdale, California

“I manage my social media the same way I manage my snacking. I allow myself two cookies or one cup of salty treats. When I’m finished, that’s it. I allow myself one hour of social media a day — a half-hour in the morning and a half-hour at night.”
—Dawn, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

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