Social and Emotional Interventions for ADHD

“My 9-year-old son has been dx’d with ADHD and very mild PDD. He is very bright and generally does quite well academically, but really struggles socially. His social deficits and inappropriate classroom behaviors do affect his academic performance, but because he isn’t failing his school feels no obligation to assist with any kind of social/emotional interventions or training. Can they do this? He has an IEP, so don’t they have to address all his issues that interfere with learning?”

This is a tough question. The law states the school needs to offer help if the child is failing to learn. Obviously they feel if his grades are good he is learning and own interfere. However the law also states that behavior issues can be a part of a learning plan, IEP or 504.

You will need to document these behavior issues and have the information also provided by teacher stating that child’s behavior interferes with learning. Ask the school psychologist to observe one day during a time the teacher has identified as particularly stressful for you child. This may help document the behavior and start some support occurring.