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Teacher Appreciation Gifts That Educators Want — and Need

It’s time to thank the educators in your child’s life with a thoughtful end-of-the-year gift they will actually use and want. Need ideas? From personalized keepsakes to classroom essentials, ADDitude’s selection of teacher appreciation gifts from $8.99 to $52.99 will end the year on a happy note.

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Engraved Bookmark Set


Liven up your teacher’s summer reading with this three-piece bookmark set. These durable bookmarks, crafted from stainless steel, come engraved with messages of gratitude, such as “It takes a big heart to help shape little minds,” “A great teacher is hard to find and impossible to forget,” and “Thank you for helping me grow” to remind teachers of the impact they have on their students’ lives.

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Personalized Fill-In-The-Blank Book


One-of-a-kind teachers deserve a one-of-a-kind gift. The Teacher Appreciation Book: A Creative Fill-In-The-Blank Venture makes the grade. The paperback book provides prompts for children to answer about their teachers. Each page has space to add illustrations or personalized notes. Whether sentimental or silly, your child’s responses will surely inspire a smile.

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Monogrammed Tote Bag


From ungraded papers and textbooks to sneakers and lunch bags — the amount of stuff teachers carry is impressive. The TOPDesign monogrammed canvas tote helps them do it with style. The heavy-duty, natural cotton canvas tote has reinforced seams to ensure durability. The bag can stand upright, making it easy to pack, and it has a hard bottom to protect belongings.

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Sticky Notepad Dispenser


Teachers can keep sticky notepads from getting lost in an abyss of desk clutter with the Urbalabs sticky note dispenser. You can customize the notepad holder with combinations of wood cutouts, such as an apple and the teacher’s name, or a pencil with a “Best Teacher” message. The dispenser is made of Baltic birch plywood. It is hand-stained, hand-painted, and guarantees that teachers will always have a note nearby to capture an idea, label a lunchbox, or recognize a student’s stellar work.

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School Supply Socks


HAPPYPOP’s classroom novelty socks are an ideal gift for the creative, whimsical teacher who sometimes resembles Ms. Frizzle from the Magic Schoolbus. This two-pack has one pair resembling classic yellow pencils with erasers and graphite tips; the other features grid lines reminiscent of notebook binder paper. The socks are soft, stretchy, and breathable and fit shoe sizes 6-12.

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Coffee Bath Bombs


Help your child’s teacher refuel after an exhausting year by practicing self-care with these coffee cup-shaped bath bombs from Distaratie. Each three-piece set features coffee, rose, and lavender-scented bath bombs made of natural ingredients and essential oils.

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School Supplies Variety Pack


School supplies are always in demand. Give teachers a leg up on next year’s stash with this school supply variety pack, which includes 38 classroom essentials — from highlighters and gel pens to glue sticks and dry-erase board markers. It even comes with mechanical pencils and lead (a student favorite!).

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Memory Foam Seat Cushion


In those precious moments when they actually sit, teachers will appreciate this Slow Rebound Memory Foam seat cushion. Not only does the ergonomic cushion lessen back pressure and provide lumbar support, but it helps increase blood flow; prevents lower back pain, muscle fatigue, and leg tightness; and helps educators maintain good posture. It comes with a removable, breathable black mesh cover and a non-slip rubber base keeps the seat cushion securely in place. Using the attached handle, teachers can easily carry it from the classroom to the lunchroom to the playground.

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Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset


No teacher wants to be labeled a “yeller.” The Zoweeket voice amplifier microphone headset makes it unnecessary to shout while ensuring that even the most distracted students can clearly hear every instruction. Teachers can attach the amplifier to the provided waistband or wear it around their necks to avoid potential voice strain. The rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours.

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Thermal Laminator


The Scotch thermal laminator offers teachers easy laminating solutions for preserving lesson plans, making notes spill-proof, and creating keepsakes or classroom labels. The 9-inch laminator uses two heated rollers to create bubble and wrinkle-free results. It’s safe for photos and heats up in five minutes. Another bonus feature: An automatic timer turns off the machine after one hour, so teachers need not worry about classroom distractions.

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