ADHD Symptoms

How Do You Know If You Have ADHD? Some Hints

“…You stop at the stop sign, and wait for it to turn green.” It’s funny because it’s true. (And sad, and frustrating, and empowering…) Here, adults reflect on the many ways ADHD makes itself impossible to ignore. What were your early warning signs?

A woman concerned about her life and wondering if she has adhd.
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In Your Words

How do you know if you have ADHD? We asked readers to finish the sentence "You know you have adult ADHD when..." Your answers are an honest and funny look at life with attention deficit. See how many of these situations you can relate to — it may be more than you think!

How do you know if you have ADHD? Lost car keys.
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Disappearing Act

"You can’t find your car keys or your spare set, and your partner is hesitant to lend you his keys because you will probably misplace those, too. (And you agree!)"

How do you know you have ADHD? When shopping takes 3 attempts.
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Third Time's a Charm

"Any shopping trip involves three attempts. First, you leave your shopping list behind. Then, when you go back to get it, you put down your wallet and arrive with your list, but no bag. Usually, but not always, the third time’s a charm."

How do you know you have ADHD? Business man's mind is wandering.
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Mind Wanderings

"While considering your answer to your boss’s question, you wonder what’s for supper... 'I’m sorry. What was that question again?'"

Messy desk. How do you know you have ADHD? Organization systems never work.
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Organizational Challenges

"You buy another organizing system, to organize your last five organizing systems. You just know this system will be the one to finally get your life in order. Maybe."

Red stop sign. How do you know you have ADHD? Red always means stop and wait.
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Red Means Stop

"You're driving. You stop at a stop sign, sit there, and stare at the sign, waiting for it to turn green."

Signing a check. How do you know you have ADHD? You forget to pay bills.
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Bills, Bills, Bills

"You have enough money in the bank to pay bills, yet you simply forget to do it! Maybe next month you'll remember..."

Checking time on a watch. How do you know you have ADHD? You have trouble with time.
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Time Troubles

"You leave the house with enough time to show up early for your ADHD doctor's appointment, but are thinking of other things and drive to work instead and end up late. Oops."

Friends having coffee. How do you know you have ADHD? Everything is distracting.
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Attention Grabbers

"The person sitting beside you grabs your attention, but so does the heating unit shutting on and off, the fluorescent light flickering above you, and a bird flying by the window!"

A note from a parent saying "thank you" to a teacher for working together
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Twice the Thanks

"You send your friend a thank you card for the birthday gift... twice. And you only know this because she tells you, not because you realized it on your own."

Man showering. How do you know you have ADHD? You forget the steps.
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Shower Woes

"You’re in the middle of taking a nice, warm shower when suddenly you forget what you’re doing. Lather, rinse and… where was I? Before you know it you're out of the shower and only have one leg shaved!"

Man with wristwatch. How do you know you have ADHD? Looking for something and you already have it.
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Lost and Found

"You spend an hour looking for your favorite watch. You finally give up, and decide to wear another one, only to find that your favorite watch is already on your wrist."

PB&J Sandwich. How do you know you have ADHD? You forget what you're doing.
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Kitchen Caper

"Your partner asks you for a cup of water so you go to the kitchen and end up making yourself a peanut butter sandwich. Hope he wasn't too thirsty!"

Bad phone conversation. How do you know you have ADHD? You forget who you called.
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Dial Drama

"You dial the number, but by the time someone answers the phone you forget who you’re calling. We've all been there."

Phone planner. Bad phone conversation. How do you know you have ADHD? You need your planner.
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Planner Lifeline

"You can't live without your planner. You would rather have your wallet stolen than your planner — you'd be lost without it!"

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  1. I like this list, but it is missing one that I heard the other day from someone else who also has ADHD. “You know you have ADHD when you have more alarms set to remind you to go to bed, than you do to wake up in the morning.”

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