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Little Gifts, Big Smiles: A Gift Guide for ADHD Adults

What is the best holiday gift for an adult with ADHD? One that delivers order, peace, focus, inspiration, or self-care — a tall order that members of the ADDitude community delivered in spades with these recommendations for ADD-friendly presents that keep on giving. [Note: Prices listed here are accurate as of 11/22/19.]

Gift Ideas for ADHD Adults - Aromatherapy Pillow
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Aroma Therapy Pillow from Malouf Sleep

$106.45 (queen size)

“I have to take my ADHD medication later in the day in order to do homework efficiently, and sometimes that can make it hard to wind down and fall asleep. This pillow is pricey, but to me it’s worth the money. I consider it a sedative that doesn’t involve taking a pill! I also love that it’s infused with essential oils. Mine is peppermint scented, but the pillow is also available in lavender, chamomile, and bamboo charcoal.

“The texture is just right — not too squishy and not-too firm. Plus, the pillow’s ergonomically-correct design eliminates pressure points, aligns the spine, and provides support from the shoulders to the hips. It’s really one of the best gifts I’ve ever received!”
Marimac McRae, ADDitude blogger and Dartmouth College student majoring in English and Creative Writing

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gift idea for ADHD adult - wallet
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Travelambo Women’s Wallet


This sleek and orderly billfold was enthusiastically described by Beth, a member of ADDitude's Facebook community, as “the best ADHD wallet ever!” Made of high-quality vegan leather, the bifold design (dimensions: 8" L x 4” H x 1" D) belies its ample storage capacity — this wallet features 18 card slots and 2 zippered pockets for cash, coins, tickets, receipts, or even a cell phone. An elegant buckle snaps the wallet closed.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Adults with ADHD
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Smart Cube Anti-Stress and Anti-Anxiety Puzzle


This 3” x 3” cube is a stress-reliever, a quiet fidget, and a brain-stimulating puzzle all in one. The Amazing Smart Cube (#CommissionsEarned) is faster to turn and more natural to hold than its predecessor — the Rubik's Cube. Some say it’s better looking, too. Next time you need a discreet distraction from the day’s anxieties, pick up this playful gadget — and keep your mind sharp, too.

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Gift Ideas for ADHD Adults - Notebook
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Arc Notebook System and Hole-Punch

Notebook starting at $29.99; hole-punch $39.87

“I love the disc-bound notebook from Arc System (#CommissionsEarned), which allows you to remove individual pages and move them around — a godsend for the ADHD brain. Why? Even if you don't have your thoughts in order at first, you can get everything down and then worry about rearranging it all later! I have a terrible habit of grabbing the closest-available notebook and writing down notes willy-nilly, not caring where in the book I am. Not a good strategy when I go looking for the information later! With disc-bound notebooks, I can jot down random notes and place them in context later.”
Brandy Buckingham, M.Ed, Ph.D., ADDitude blogger and parent with ADHD who has a master's in education and a Ph.D. in learning sciences

Already know someone who’s a fan of disc-bound notebooks? Get them a hole punch that works with the system (#CommissionsEarned) so they can turn any paper into a disc-bound page  (Note: Not all disc-bound systems are compatible, so make sure you know which one they use before buying a punch.)

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Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo


Exercise triggers brain and body health. This is well documented. If you have ADHD, it may also trigger extreme boredom and hatred. This is undebatable. It is also solvable with the Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo (#CommissionsEarned), the new video game that is actually a workout in disguise. You’ll forget you’re exercising during the course of this fantasy- and fitness-filled quest that keeps you running, crouching, stretching, and sweating. The game comes with more than 60 exercises and a workout ring that you squeeze and pull as you play. Switch into game mode and get the whole family off the couch. Beating back bad guys has never been better for your heart!

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Women’s Moccasin by Ugg

Starting at $100

This comfy, sporty moccasin (#CommissionsEarned) is an indulgence that’s more than worth the splurge. Made with dyed sheep fur, Ugg makes warm (but never too hot) and comfortable footwear that will last for years. The classic design transcends time and trends, but the best part may be the sole of the slipper: It’s made of flexible rubber for indoor/outdoor use, so there is truly no need to ever take it off. Ever.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Adults with ADHD
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"A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD"


Written by acclaimed ADHD experts and ADDitude contributors Sari Solden, MS, LMFT, and Michelle Frank, PsyD, this book (#CommissionsEarned) aims to help women accept and value their differences. Within its pages are strategies, tips, and worksheets to help readers overcome negative self-talk, combat the shame that may follow (and/or precede) an ADHD diagnosis, and connect with an understanding and supportive community. The book’s subtitle may put it best: Embrace Neurodiversity, Live Boldly, and Break Through Barriers.

To learn more about this book, listen to this this ADDitude webinar with Sari Solden.

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Holiday gift ideas for adults with ADHD - label maker
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Label Maker by Brother


Is there any more satisfying task than printing out and affixing a color-coded label emblazoned with ‘Tax Info’ or ‘Twin Flat Sheets?’ Clearly, the answer is no. This Brother label maker — with its whimsical, vibrant labels — almost makes organizing a messy office or linen closet into a game. This gadget may even inspire the kids to tame their desks and backpacks… but don’t hold your breath.
— Recommended by Marie Jackson is an ADDitude blogger, professional organizer, and writer at Organized Marie, where she is dedicated to helping women with ADHD save time by being organized.

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Calm Meditation App
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Calm Meditation App

$69.99 for a one-year subscription

The promise of calm on demand — that is the appeal of this robust subscription app, which comes loaded with meditations (guided and unguided), breathing exercises, and stories designed to reduce anxiety, promote better sleep, and inspire feelings of gratitude. Select from both short and long programs such as “7 Days of Focus” or “21 Days of Calm.”

The app also boasts a collection of serene nature sounds and focus-boosting background music for use at work. Try it in a 7-day free trail and decide what you think. If this app proves invaluable, check out the Calm for Life option — an unlimited lifetime subscription for a one-time fee of $399.99.
— Recommended by Julia, an ADDitude Insider

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Holiday gift idea love letter
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Love Letter


“Years ago, I wrote a letter to my mom telling her how much I appreciated her and all that she’d done for my siblings and me despite the challenges of being a single, teen-aged mom and the victim of domestic abuse who, by the age of 30, was twice divorced. I wasn’t there when she opened my letter but was told she was moved to tears. When she died a few years later, I found that letter in a mix of her cherished personal belongings. The idea that my words gave meaning and happiness to her life, one that was filled with so much hardship and despair, astonishes me to this day. Finding it again was a gift for me — a tangible reminder of how much that letter meant to her!"
— Melanie, an ADDitude reader

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