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Graduation Gift Ideas for ADHD Teens

Congratulations! Your ADHD teen has earned their diploma. Now for the next challenge: commemorating this milestone with a graduation gift that prepares them for a successful and organized life. Whether hunting for a practical present or a heartfelt keepsake, you are covered with this treasure trove of graduation gift ideas from ADDitude, ranging in price from $12.99 to $169.

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The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook: 75 Internet-Breaking Recipes for Snacks, Drinks, Treats, and Mo


The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook: 75 Internet-Breaking Recipes for Snacks, Drinks, Treats, and More! by Valentina Mussi outperforms dining hall cuisine any day of the week. With 75 easy-to-follow recipes and insider tips, this cookbook appeals to aspiring social media chefs or anyone looking to serve up the latest viral food trends, such as whipped coffee, seltzer slushies, pancake cereal, or mug cakes.

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Personalized Photo Socks


Homesickness can take a hike with Dreamdecor personalized photo socks. Upload a favorite photo of your grad’s family, friends, or pets so they have a piece of home with them wherever they go. These machine washable socks are available in five sizes, come in ten colors, and feature arch compression, moisture control, and a reinforced heel and toe for durability.

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Portable Lock Box


Give your grad peace of mind with the Master Lock portable lock box, which is small, discreet, and secured with a four-digit combination. It’s spacious enough to store smartphones, passports, credit cards, and ADHD medication. The included 20-inch cable can latch on a fixed object for added security. Its water-resistant construction and shock-absorbing foam ensure that items stay safe and dry, and its charging cable access port keeps devices juiced even while locked away.

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Graduation gift idea for a teen with ADHD
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Label Maker Machine


With the Phomemo D30 mini portable label maker, your grad can stay organized, keep track of their belongings, and create visual reminders for daily routines (like taking meds). Here’s how it works: Download the Print Master app to a smartphone and use its various fonts, icons, and templates to design a label. Then, transfer the design to the label maker machine using Bluetooth. Just one click produces professional-looking label stickers. Bonus feature: The label maker uses thermal printing technology, so there are no added ink costs.

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Reusable Digital Notebook


Perfect for teens with executive functioning challenges, the Rocketbook Reusable Notebook allows students to take notes on lined or dot-grid pages, scan, and save notes online without wasting paper — or time searching for multiple notebooks. The eco-friendly notebook includes a black Pilot FriXion erasable pen and a microfiber cloth to erase notes. It also features smart titles, smart search, and email transcription, making it easy for students to name and find their digitized notes.

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Single Serve Coffee Maker


Some ADHD brains focus better with caffeine. If this is true for your grad, consider the eco-friendly Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker. No pods or paper filters needed — just water and coffee grounds. The permanent filter doubles as a scoop, and the adjustable stand means that coffee brews directly into a cup or travel mug. As an added safety feature, the coffee maker automatically shuts off after brewing and only brews when there’s water in the tank.

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Motivational Bracelets


MantraBand cuff bracelets provide motivation and reassurance when and where grads need it most: out in the real world. Each bendable bracelet displays an uplifting message, such as “Dream Believe Achieve,” “Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things,” “I Can, and I Will,” “You Got This,” and “She Believed She Could, So She Did.” The adjustable bracelets are available in 18k gold, rose gold, or silver.

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Star & Northern Lights Projector


Liven up any dull dorm room with the Rossetta Star Projector. This three-in-one desk lamp features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a white noise machine, and a projector, which displays images of stars and the northern lights in 16 colors. Students can even sync the projector to music and watch the stars and aurora borealis move to a song’s beat or drift off to sleep listening to one of the eight included sounds, such as campfire, rain, and ocean waves.

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Laptop Backpack


Every student needs a tough, reliable bag that can securely hold all their essentials. Enter the SwissGear 1900 TSA 17-inch laptop backpack, designed for optimal functionality. It features a padded laptop compartment, a TabletSafe pocket, an accordion file holder, and a front organizer for pens and highlighters. It offers convenient access to media devices through a headphone cord port, plus air mesh, ergonomically contoured shoulder straps, and reflective accent material that keep students safe and comfortable.

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Mini-Movie Projector


Host epic movie nights, indulge in reality-TV marathons, or make dynamic class presentations with the TMY mini movie projector. Connect the projector to a smartphone or computer, and your grad can project media against a blank wall or the included 100-inch foldable and washable screen. The mini-movie projector weighs just over 2 lbs., so the cinematic magic can travel easily to common areas or outdoor gatherings.

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Compact Refrigerator and Freezer


Every dorm room could use more chilled Gatorade and leftover pizza, so the BLACK+DECKER compact mini refrigerator and freezer — with its space-saving design and energy-efficient operation — is practically a necessity. This mini fridge uses minimal energy (only 70 watts, plus its removable glass shelf expands storage space and simplifies cleaning (yeah, right). The freezer is perfect for storing ice packs and frozen burritos, and it comes with an ice tray.

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Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones


Noise-canceling headphones deliver focus and concentration to many students with ADHD. The Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones block out distractions so your grad can focus on midterms or that Russian Lit essay. With Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) enabled, the iOS- and Android-compatible headphones deliver up to 22 hours of playback time. The Fast Fuel feature provides 3 hours of playtime after a 10-minute charge when the battery gets low. Students can also take calls, control their music, and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls and microphone.

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