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ADDitude’s 2017 Gift Guide for Adults with ADHD

A utility board for your launch pad. An umbrella that can’t be lost. A water bottle that holds your meds. And 13 other amazing gifts ideas for relieving the stress that comes with ADHD.

elfa utility board
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elfa Utility Board Office Solution


If pens (and tape and scissors and Post-Its) get lost in the teetering piles on your desk, you need a new organizational system — specifically, one that’s easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The elfa Utility Board — a pegboard with an organizational twist — is all three. It’s large, durable design includes plenty of shelves, hooks, and nooks — also making it an excellent Launch Pad for keys, wallet, a calendar, and even a cell-phone charging station. It installs in minutes, and once it’s up, it may just save your sanity.


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This under-desk hammock is an ingenious relaxation device, no doubt. But it’s also a perfect, discreet fidget for anyone who thinks more clearly while bouncing his or her feet. Instead of driving your desk-mate crazy by tapping your pencil or kicking the leg of your chair, put your feet on this small hammock and work out the wiggles by gently moving your feet back and forth.

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TouchPoints stress relief gift idea for adults with ADHD
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Stress is unhealthy on its own. Add to it hyperactive emotions or a racing ADHD brain, and you may really struggle to calm down and regroup following an anxiety-producing situation. If so, TouchPoints may help. TouchPoints is a wearable stress-management device that uses a research-backed alternating vibration pattern — known as BLAST technology — to reduce your stress levels in as little as 30 seconds. Different TouchPoints settings may also help to boost focus, zero in before an important presentation, or even promote sleep. The newest model, the TouchPoints Original, is app-controlled — making it easier than ever to calm down quickly when tempers rise.


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Giant Stress Ball


Some days, you just need to punch something. Protect your walls and fists by upgrading to this mega stress ball, perfect for punching, kneading, or hugging all the day’s stresses away. Plus, it can help fulfill ADHD-related sensory needs, providing comforting compression or deep pressure when you feel overwhelmed.

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ONO Roller


As a child, you fidgeted with erasers and rubber bands under your desk. As an adult, moving your fingers and feet still helps you focus, but most small, subtle fidgets feel inappropriate or marginally useful. Not so with ONO, a sleek, silent fidget that’s perfect for adults with ADHD who think better when they’re tapping or twisting, but don’t want to attract undue attention. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the ONO comes in three colors (black, grey, and rose gold) and fits neatly in the palm of your hand. To fidget, just squeeze your fingers to engage the entire hand in one effortless, undetectable movement.

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Water Bottle with Built-In Pill Organizer


Pill organizers are useful tools that are in desperate need of innovation. This gift idea is a step in the right direction. Taking medication just got more practical, convenient, and even stylish with this sleek water bottle and pill organizer combo. It ensures that your medication dosage is available and organized when you need it, and also that you’ll have water to take it. It comes in five appealing colors, and the lid is actually a portable cup — which means you have one fewer excuse for not staying hydrated throughout the day.


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IQ fit game
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IQ Fit Game


This ever-changing, one-person puzzle game is habit-forming — and challenging enough to keep even the most distracted ADHD brain engaged. Select one of more than 100 included challenges, and flex your brain (and your fingers) trying to visualize and manipulate the solution out of 3-D puzzle pieces. The game is appropriate for kids and adults, and its small foldable case makes it an ideal distraction on long car trips, in doctor’s waiting rooms, or while watching TV.

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Magic Slime Keyboard Cleaner


When did you last clean your keyboard? Don’t worry — we’ve never done it either. But considering you touch your computer more days than not, you might prefer if it weren’t covered in grime, or the crumbs of yesterday’s potato chips. The Magic Slime Keyboard Cleaner is a fun, ADHD-friendly solution for your gross keyboard (and the rest of your desk, too). Just press the slime on your keyboard or any other surface and watch dirt, crumbs, and fingerprints lift off in a flash. Plus, the squishy goo doubles as a desk fidget — it leaves no residue on your hands and is great for squeezing out your stress in between cleanings.

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Kisha Umbrella

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Leaving the house with your cell phone, wallet, and keys is job enough. Scanning the day’s forecast to determine if you need an umbrella and then also not forgetting said umbrella along the way? Not likely. Which is why we love the idea of Kisha, the world’s smartest way to stay dry. Whether you’re heading out the door at 8 AM or 10 PM, Kisha’s app sends an alert if you’ll need an umbrella — or if you leave it behind somewhere — and uses GPS technology to help you find it again fast. Plus, Kisha is constructed of resilient materials that help it maintain shape in even the strongest winds. An umbrella that can’t be forgotten, lost, or broken? Must be an ADHD dream come true!


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"Faster Than Normal" by Peter Shankman


A racing ADHD brain and out-of-control hyperfocus lead quite reliably to exhaustion and less-than-stellar productivity. But these complex ADHD traits may also constitute the building blocks to your success — if properly harnessed and directed. In Faster Than Normal, entrepreneur and all-around busy guy Peter Shankman shares his insights for harnessing your ADHD brain for the better — including how to avoid common mental pitfalls, exploit your creativity, and use hyperfocus for good. Entertaining, practical, and uplifting, Shankman’s handbook will help anyone with ADHD realize the full potential of their “racecar” brain.

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Erasable Food Labels


Not 100% sure if those leftovers date back two days or two weeks? Rather than rely on you over-taxed memory, let these erasable food labels take the mystery out of mealtime. The reasonably-priced kit includes 70 labels — more than enough for your extensive Tupperware collection — as well as a marker and eraser. The labels are microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe — so wherever (or whenever) you store your food, you’ll know it’s okay to eat.

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Minimergency Kit


Parenting is spilled milk, lost buttons, and Band-Aids — for you and your child. When Mom or Dad has ADHD, however, executive function deficits make it tough to anticipate and prepare for these daily (and sometimes hourly) emergencies. Enter the Minimergency Kit by Pinch Provisions, a simple (and cost-effective) way to ensure you’re ready for any parenting snafu. The kits come in several varieties, depending on your needs, but most come with the basics, including a needle and thread, stain remover, bandages, and aspirin. You’ll be two steps ahead of your child’s scrapes, spills, and tears — without pushing your planning skills to the brink.

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You brewed yourself a steaming cup of coffee, then got sucked into a spell of hyperfocus, and before you knew it the java was ice-cold and you were grumpy. Never waste hot caffeine again with Ember, a smart mug that will keep any beverage hot for up to two hours after it’s poured. Simply pick your perfect drinking temperature (the app will help guide you if you’re not sure) and prepare your drink. The mug will quickly cool the liquid from boiling so you can start drinking immediately, and will keep it at your preferred temperature until the drink — and your work — is all done.

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