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ADDitude Readers’ Favorite Gifts to Give… and to Receive

The best gift ideas, we have found, come from the creative, fun, discerning people who use and love the products themselves. This collection of ADHD-friendly presents is just that — the best-selling and most favorably reviewed gifts sent and received by ADDitude readers. Below, read some of their comments and click to learn more about each item. (Please note that all prices were accurate as of November 20, 2019.)

weighted blanket
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Premium Weighted Blanket


"My blanket is one of the few things that allows me to sleep and mitigates my anxiety while at home. Sometimes when I’m trying to sleep I feel the urge to move parts of my body, or strange sensations on my skin. This actually gets rid of that and provides an overwhelming sense of well-being. And if I sleep better, I perform better. I can’t recommend this enough."

"I LOVE my blanket. It’s very comforting and I sleep deeply when I sleep with it. My 4-year-old has one, too and it may help him stay asleep."

"We find heavy blankets to be most helpful for stress relief. Deep pressure does amazing things for the body and using it while sleeping is the easiest way to do it."


Philips Wake-Up Light with iPod Dock is a great school gadget for children with ADHD
Philips Wake-Up Light with iPod Dock is a great school gadget for children with ADHD
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Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock


"The ultimate best for stress relief and sleep is my Philips wake-up alarm clock. It has a sunset function for bedtime and a sunrise function for mornings. The sun gradually 'rises' 30 mins before the time you’ve set the alarm, so when your alarm goes off, it’s nice and bright in the room, which really helps with waking up."

"Over a 30-minute period, this clock gradually wakens you with light, nature sounds, and aromatherapy. Something soothing to start the day, kind of makes you go ahhhhhhh."


Not Parent Approved Card Game
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Not Parent Approved: A Hilarious Card Game for Kids, Tweens, Families and Mischief Makers


"'Not Parent Approved' was by far my kids' (ages 12 and 9) favorite stocking stuffer last year. The game requires no set up, rounds can be easily squeezed in after homework and before bedtime, and everyone finds it hilarious. Like a PG-rated 'Cards Against Humanity,' this game rewards creative thinking and still gets played on almost a weekly basis one year later."


finally focused
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“Finally Focused: The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD”


"The book Finally Focused has truly played a key part in helping our son. It’s written by a psychiatrist who feels that kids with ADHD need key supplements to nourish the brain. It goes far beyond 'focusing' to improving brain health. It’s the first time I felt that someone could see my kid. I sped through the book and started my son on the recommended supplements as a daily regimen. After the first few weeks, there were clear positive changes. Now it’s been 4 months and both his teachers and his family have noticed marked changes in behavior, mood, self-regulation, peer interactions, etc."

"Adding essential fatty acids into my life more than 20 years ago changed my life, and I’ve done a lot of research on nutrition and diets with regard to ADHD. There are other facets to treatment as well, but this is my #1 recommendation: Start with the book Finally Focused and go from there."


Infinity Cube Luxury Fidget
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Infinity Cube Fidget Toy


"We love fidgets of all kinds — fidget cubes, fidget spinners, squishy dinosaurs, mesh squishy ball, and beanie babies! They are all great to keep hands busy and help with transitions. They are small enough for pockets, don't make noise, and don't require the user to pay attention to them — they simply can fidget with them and continue their work."

"This cube's heft and quality make a big difference. I use it in class settings and many meetings, especially when I expect that they may go over on time or people are not as focused as I would like them to be. When I am concerned about what I might encounter, I find that being able to switch to the different motions is beneficial."


Himalayan salt lamp
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Himalayan Salt Lamp


Made with 250-million-year-old salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains, this pretty lamp releases negative ions that trap air pollutants — allergens, mold, bacteria, and electromagnetic radiation — and absorbs dust and purifies the air. Health benefits include fighting fatigue, anxiety, and sleep problems common to ADHD households.

"I enjoy my salt lamp glow at night and my heavy blanket. I have sound therapy tracks I can listen to and sometimes I do a puzzle before bed."


Tile is a good tool to help you get organized if you have ADHD.
Tile is a good tool to help you get organized if you have ADHD.
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Tile Mate


"One of the tools I can't live without is a set of the Tile devices. If you lose something with one attached, you can ring it from your phone and it will play an audible tone. You can also hold a small button on any of the devices and it will make your phone ring, in case you lost that. I placed one in my wallet, one in my purse, attached one to my keys, and put one in my work laptop bag. I’m trying to find a way to attach one to my glasses. I had to cancel my errands last night because I spent an hour trying to find my glasses and couldn’t. I finally found them this morning in a fairly obvious place."

"I lose things a lot, and this impacts me the most during the mornings. I first discovered Tile in my sorority because we have a Tile square on one of our keychains to unlock a storage room in our basement. I think that Tile’s technology, which allows you to track any item carrying a Tile sticker or square through your phone, would be a great addition to my morning routine. Where did I park my bike? Tile sticker. Is my textbook in my room, or did I leave it on my sorority’s study tables? Tile sticker. Where’s my computer charger? Tile sticker. I love these Tile stickers (more than the squares) because they’re small, unobtrusive, and have a really strong adhesive. Tile stickers are also waterproof and have a 3-year battery life, which makes them all the more foolproof. I can foresee myself using them to locate things like purses, wallets, and car keys in the future, and I think that they could be a true game changer for morning madness."


The Explosive Child is a great book for parents of children with ADHD
The Explosive Child book cover
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"The Explosive Child"


"While not directly about ADHD, The Explosive Child, by Ross Greene, is a book I really enjoyed. It allows you to stop and think about your child’s situations and deficits prior to an incident and plan for it. It also helps with learning the best way to solve those problems and how to talk to your child about them."

"The title was off-putting at first, but I really appreciate the empathetic approach that emphasizes a partnership with your child."

"I like Ross Greene’s book, The Explosive Child. I like that it says kids will do well if they have the tools and skills to do so."


Squishy stress relief toys
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Mochi Squish Toys


"In our house, we love slime, therapy putty, cutting kinetic sand, squishies — anything tactile that can be slowly manipulated and/or make a 'satisfying' sound when played with. Things like stress balls or objects that require a quick and/or strong squeeze and that quickly rebound back to their original form have not been helpful for me and my child."

"Fidget spinners and squishies help my daughter to concentrate."


Knock Knock Pad
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Knock Knock This Week Pad


"Knock Knock makes some pretty cool products. I wish this pad had some slots for the weekend, because it’d be perfect for me then, but it’s neat as a concept. I have used, and love, another organization pad of theirs though that some ADHDers may appreciate: It's for grocery lists and is called "All Out Of." It’s organized by section of the grocery store (making it super easy to stay on task in the actual store and not forget things) and it’s in a checklist form, so you literally check a box off when you run out of/need stuff. It has a bunch of common potential items pre-filled next to checkboxes (e.g. milk, eggs, juice), but it also has blank slots for you to add your own specific additions. It’s extremely handy, especially in households with multiple people."


NOTE: Please note that all names, models, prices, links, and specifications were accurate and items were in stock at the time of this article's last update on February 24, 2022.


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