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The Holiday Gift Guide for ADHD Self-Care

This year, fun gift ideas for adults with ADHD include products that ease pandemic pain points, simplify working from home, support fitness goals, and combat stress and fatigue.

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Acupressure Mat


We hold stress and tension in our bodies. Adults with ADHD who are “always on the go” often sacrifice self-care in order to get things done and meet everyone else’s expectations. Lying on this mat for 10-30 minutes per day naturally reduces the muscle pain and tension and headaches that often plague us. The “bed of needles” stimulates nerves and improves blood circulation for increased energy — particularly helpful for those of us working remotely in uncomfortable chairs.

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Boxing Heavy Bag


Who doesn’t have pent-up frustration in 2020? If you are finding it more difficult to regulate your emotions these days , punching or kicking a heavy bag may help you better cope with overwhelming emotions. This heavy bag is free standing, so no need to figure out how to hang it from your ceiling, and you don’t have to worry about it falling over because the base suctions to the floor.

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Hello Fresh Meal Kit Subscription

Prices vary depending on number of people and meals per week.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of planning and cooking yet another week of pandemic dinners? This meal delivery service is popular among many ADDitude readers, who say it saves them time and energy without sacrificing their healthy eating habits. Each meal box comes with easy-to-follow recipes, clear nutritional info, and high-quality ingredients — all convenient for the adult with ADHD who struggles to manage time and adhere to a healthy diet.

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Ember Temperature Control Mug


When adults with ADHD hyperfocus on a task, time can flash by without them noticing. Have you ever sat down to answer one email and then looked up an hour later to find your coffee is cold? Then stuck your mug in the microwave only to find it hours later — still ice cold and no longer appealing? This temperature-controlled mug keeps your drink heated for up to 1.5 hours. You can even pair the mug with an app on your smartphone for further customization. Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring the greatest joy.

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Olly Sleep Gummies


Most adults with ADHD experience difficulty falling asleep and/or waking up, restless sleep, or intrusive sleep. Throw a pandemic and a presidential election into the mix, and good sleep is more precious and rare than ever these days. These gummy supplements may help. Containing melatonin, L-Theanine, and botanicals like chamomile and lemon balm, they help boost your natural sleep hormone — a sweet alternative to chemical sleep aides.

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Doorway Reminders

$9.89, $25.01

Are you always scrambling to find your keys? Do you set your phone down somewhere then spend 10 frustrating minutes looking for it? Simplify your life with an organizer that hangs off your door knob and holds all of your essentials, including glasses, earbuds, mask, and keys. Need an added reminder? The “Keys-Phone-Wallet” door mat grabs your gaze with bold text and ensures you always leave the house prepared.

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After the Rain: Gentle Reminders for Healing, Courage, and Self-love by Alexandra Elle


ADHD often manifests as self-doubt and rejection sensitive dysphoria. If you’re a woman with ADHD who has been struggling during the pandemic, Alexandra Elle’s book offers 15 lessons on overcoming obstacles, building self-confidence, and practicing self-love. Elle’s message, “You are not alone,” is the reminder we all need during this period of social isolation .

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Crocheting Needles and Thread


Some pastimes endure for a reason. Are you looking to pick up a soothing hobby that also produces something snuggly to give your loved ones? Crocheting is an affordable activity that helps hone motor skills and channel creativity. These 24 skeins of yarn are more than enough for a new scarf or hat, and the 7 included e-books provide a guide for beginners. With the constant bombardment and stimulation from devices and news, crocheting is a good way to unwind and clear your head.

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Beachbody on Demand

Prices depend on different monthly packages.

This subscription exercise service is more than meets the eye. For $99 a year, subscribers get on-demand access to an unlimited number of workouts ranging from yoga and barre classes to serious lifting and cardio programs. For adults who miss the inherent motivation and social aspect of the gym, Beachbody on Demand provides a supportive online community of “accountability groups” that encourage participants to build healthy routines and confidence. These programs can be done from your home without expensive equipment, and many are paired with a nutrition plan for an added cost.

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Timer Cap for Medication Bottles


Did I remember to take my ADHD medication this morning? When everyday feels the same, we are asking this question more and more frequently. This timer cap is a simple solution: it automatically shows when the pill bottle was last closed, helping to avoid dosage mistakes and promote safer medication management. There are no loud alarms and nothing to program or set, and the caps are easy to transport.

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Multi-device Charging Station


A byproduct of working remotely is increased time on multiple electronic devices. Lagging working memory means routinely searching your home for lost phones that are also losing their charge. This charging station gives you a singular spot for all of your devices to charge simultaneously. It also eliminates the dilemma of a family member unplugging your device before it’s charged in order to charge their own.

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