ADHD in College

College Packing List for ADHD Undergrads

From Ramen cookers to locking pill bottles — ADDitude’s college packing list includes the dorm room essentials that students with ADHD need.

IKEA Frakta Bags, College Dorm Essentials
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IKEA Frakta Storage Bags (Four-Pack)


Whether they’re moving off campus or into dorms, college-bound students arrive with loads of “stuff.” IKEA Frakta Storage Bags (Yes, the same ones from the store) make hauling it much more manageable. The lightweight, 21 ¾ “-long rectangular bags are deceptively durable — each holds up to 55 pounds. The bags fold flat, occupying little space, and only require a damp cloth to clean.

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Clear Highlighters


Highlighting notes and books helps students with ADHD stay focused, retain information, and keep fidgety hands busy. Sharpie Clear View Highlighter makes the task more fun. This 12-count set comes in bold colors beyond the standard yellow or pink. They are smear-resistant and feature a see-through tip, which allows students to see what they’re highlighting as they work. The highlighter's design gives students the option between wide and narrow lines to keep notes readable and neat.

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White Noise Sound Machine


A white noise machine helps block out distracting sounds so that college students can grab much-needed shuteye — no matter the time of day or night. The Homedics White Noise Sound Machine features six sounds to choose from (white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and brook), an auto-off timer, and volume control buttons.

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Locking Pill Bottle


The Safe RX locking pill bottle provides college students — and caregivers — peace of mind that ADHD medications will remain safe and secure. To use, students set up a 4-digit code, turn the rings to align the code, and pull off the cap. The locking pill box keeps contents safe from light and moisture. It is also tamper-proof: If the bottle is compromised, the locking ring will become visibly deformed and the locking mechanism will no longer work.

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Backpack Laundry Bag


Many people with ADHD dread doing laundry. Throw classes, coursework, and socializing into the "hamper," and it's no wonder college students with ADHD put off the task. The Daykate Backpack Laundry bag can help. Students wear this nylon backpack instead of carrying a bulky basket made of flimsy plastic back and forth to the laundromat. The adjustable wide shoulder straps with reinforced stitching support the shoulders, and a drawstring closure with a cord lock keeps items from falling out. The front mesh pocket can hold laundry detergent or fabric softener, and students can stash their phones, cards, or coins in an inner zippered pocket. A reinforced hanging loop turns the backpack into a hanging laundry hamper. The bag's best feature is that it is sturdy enough to hold up to 44 pounds, so students can wait until two to three loads of laundry pile before cleaning.

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Mini Fan


The Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan may be small, but it’s also mighty. The 5”x 6.2” mini fan features two speed settings and circulates air up to 20 feet. An adjustable tilt head and manual swivel base direct the air where the student needs it. The fan weighs less than two pounds, comes in a variety of high-gloss colors, and folds down for easy storage.

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Ramen Cooker


Ramen noodles are as ubiquitous to college life as all-nighters and undeclared majors. This Ramen cooker prepares the beloved (inexpensive) meal with ease. The three-piece stackable set includes a 33-ounce large soup bowl, a drain bowl, and a smaller 16.9-ounce bowl, and it contains a fork, spoon, and chopsticks. Each piece is BPA-free and microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

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Rechargeable Book Light


A book light is a must-have for night owls who hyperfocus on reading or studying after hours. The Vekkia LED Rechargeable Book Light features three brightness modes and stays charged for up to 80 hours. The book light clips onto books and electronic readers, while the anti-slippery pads protect pages and devices from being scratched or pinched.

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Air Purifier


Dorms are notorious for their unpleasant odors, germs, and dust. An air purifier keeps dorm rooms refreshed and clean by filtering out unwanted particles (e.g., allergens, pollutants, smells, viruses, and toxins ). The ToLife HEPA air purifier features 360-degree air outlet technology, adjustable timers, speed settings, and a sleep mode. Students won’t need to worry about when to replace the filter: A red indicator light will turn on once the filter has been in use for more than 2,000 hours.

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Utility Hooks


Every college living space needs more easy storage for visual thinkers. Command Large Utility Hooks includes seven wall hooks and 12 adhesive strips; each utility wall hanger can hold up to 5 pounds. The hooks won’t leave holes, marks, or sticky residue, so college students can keep items in sight, but out of the way.

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Clear Desk Organizer


An all-in-one desk organizer stores papers, paper clips, sticky notes, highlighters, pens, and more. With this clear acrylic desk organizer, college students won’t need to search for scissors or paper clips. The desk organizer keeps study supplies (i.e., sticky notes, highlighters, pens, etc.) visible and neat.

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Reverse Folding Umbrella


The windproof Repel umbrella takes the stress out of that long walk across campus in the rainy season. The 48-inch Teflon-coated, double-layered canopy can withstand strong gusts of wind, heavy rains, hail, and sunny days. The inside-out reverse folding frame inverts the umbrella to prevent breakage and traps water when closing to prevent puddling. The umbrella is also self-standing and comes with a lifetime replacement policy.

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