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Finally, Apps That Build Productive Habits

Some apps (Instagram, Facebook) suck your time into a black hole. Others (Listastic, 30/30, Evernote) can actually increase your productivity — a lot. Get busy downloading these time-management tools to your phone.

Listastic is one of the best time management apps.
Listastic is one of the best time management apps.
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A good checklist is your new best friend — and Listastic (iOS; $2.99) is an app no adult with ADHD should be without. From a grocery list to the day's tasks at work, Listastic organizes your information into one of three sections: active, later, and completed. You can color-code your lists, hide them, or call them up at a designated date. If you need to share your list with others, just tap the "share button" from within any list and select the contact you'd like to send it to. is one of the best time management apps. is one of the best time management apps.
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Like a sticker chart for adults, (iOS, Android; free) (formerly Lift) is a free app that helps you build habits. The app combines social networking and a daily chart to help you track when and how often you're doing an action. The ability to tap into a supportive community to give or receive "props" (similar to a Facebook "like") increases the chance that you will take action. Available habits range from "Floss Teeth" or "Clear Clutter" to the more difficult "Wake Up on Time." You also get daily tips and pats on the back for completing tasks.

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Finish is one of the best time management apps.
Finish is one of the best time management apps.
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When adding a task to Finish (iOS; free), you select a due date: "Short Term," "Mid Term," or "Long Term." You decide how many days each of those phrases means. Instead of telling you the day something is due, Finish tells you how long you have to complete it. The app will alert you whenever something gets closer to its due date and move it from one time category to another. Focus Mode, ideal for people with ADHD, shows only the most important tasks in your list and hides the rest.

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The 2Do app (iOS; $49.99; Android; $2.99) can be used to manage simple reminders and checklists, as well as larger projects. It features a clear tab system that allows you to not only create lists, but to color-code them by context or project—an important feature for visually oriented people with ADHD. Each task is sortable by priority, due date, note, an embedded audio note, and/or photo. The app also lets you defer tasks to a later date, a handy feature for adults with ADHD.

30/30 is one of the best time management apps.
30/30 is one of the best time management apps.
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30/30 (iOS; free) allows you to set sequential countdown timers to walk you through your day's tasks. The app's gesture-based controls make it a snap to use, so just a few minutes each morning setting up your schedule will take the guesswork out of what you need to do next, all day long. 30/30 will make you keenly aware of how you underestimate how long it will take to do things.

TeuxDeux is one of the best time management apps.
TeuxDeux is one of the best time management apps.
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TeuxDeux (iOS; free) is a clear and simple task manager. The app gives you a view of five days at a time, where you can assign tasks completion dates. There's room at the bottom of the screen to list tasks by project. You can sync your TeuxDeux account on your phone and Web browser, so you'll always have your updated tasks whether at your desk or on the go.

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EpicWin is one of the best time management apps.
EpicWin is one of the best time management apps.
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Epic Win

EpicWin (iOS; $1.99; Android; free) is a cross between a digital organizer and a role-playing video game. You choose an avatar that appeals to you, then select a task that you want to accomplish. As tasks are completed, players pick up points, "treasures," and loot. The video-game elements appeal to the ADHD brain and motivate you to keep going.

Evernote is one of the best time management apps.
Evernote is one of the best time management apps.
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Evernote (iOS, Android; free) allows you to store text, photos, and audio notes on your device of choice, eliminating the need for paper clutter. Create "notebooks" and categorize notes for recipes, an upcoming vacation, product research, to-do lists, and so on. Notes are tagged with geo-location for mapping or search. All your information is in one location, organized, and available through a simple search.

Priority Matrix is one of the best time management apps.
Priority Matrix is one of the best time management apps.
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Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix (iOS; free) is a powerful, yet easy-to-use task-management tool that's ideal for individuals with ADHD who need to see their tasks. Sort tasks into one of four quadrants: Critical and Immediate, Critical but not Immediate, Not Critical but Immediate, and Uncategorized. Manipulate the size/colors of each section, add icons, and select the percentage completed. You can indicate due dates, start dates, and repeat dates with push notifications.

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  1. Is there an app or a way that will teach me to actually use those apps? Every time I find some nice looking, interesting, helpful apps, I use them for a day or two and then tedious writing down my tasks to do gets too frustrating and I end up stopping using them at all…. :/

  2. Min to Go was a wonderful app, but it has not been updated (last time I checked) and no longer works with IOS. It was perfect for when I needed to leave the house by a certain time. I could set it up so that it reminded me at various intervolts how close I was getting to when it was time to go. I believe if you look for a “repeat” timer, you can find something similar.

    1. The iOS Google Calendar app has most of the functionality you describe now. You can set it to alert you when it’s time to leave, to allow for travel time (need to put in the address for the location of the event), and allows you to set up to 5 additional alerts. All events can be repeated as well, for daily or weekly reminders and such. I LOVE it! So useful!

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

  3. Hi! The app, Listastic, is not available in the U.S., just a heads up. The app, MIN TO GO, hasn’t been updated to IOS 11. The app, Finish, hasn’t been updated in more than 2 years. I have downloaded a few of the other apps mentioned in this article, can’t wait to try them out to see which one(s) work for me! Also, I’m a subscriber to your emails and I read at least 2-3 articles of yours every single day! They are so informative and have helped me learn more about my ADHD, including how to manage daily life. I would love to purchase your magazine subscription, however, it’s a little too expensive for my family budget. Either way,You guys are the best! Thanks, Additude!

  4. I’d also like to add Habitica as a video game-style app that helps you build to-do lists and form good habits. As of now (Nov 2019) it is an active a flourishing community, where you can join a party of adventurers who can help you stay accountable and complete quests by completing your tasks.

  5. Another great app that has a great positive impact on productivity is . I like it a lot. It’s easy to use and efficient, it has a time tracking feature, it’s not expensive and, in short, it has everything I need to work faster and waste less time.

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