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A Fun, Creative Gift Guide for Kids with ADHD

Delight — and educate — your child this holiday season with these ADHD-friendly, autism-approved, and sensory-sensational gifts.

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The Reading Bug Box


Reading is magic, but only if your child can focus on her book long enough for the characters and story to captivate her attention. Keep your child’s interest in reading alive with The Reading Bug Box, a personalized, monthly book subscription service for kids aged zero to 13. Select your child’s favorites from 12 different genres, and feel free to add a personal note explaining her reading habits and personality — the more information The Reading Bug’s team has at its disposal, the more likely it is to select books your child will devour.


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Music — or a backseat movie — is a parent’s best friend on a long car ride. But many kids with sensory processing challenges hate the sensation of bulky headphones or invasive earbuds. Cozyphones — a soft fleece headband with headphones hidden inside — is a comfortable, sensory-friendly solution. They come in different designs, and the volume is limited — so while your child listens to music in total comfort, you can rest easy knowing his eardrums are safe from harm.

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Wire Puzzles

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These brain-busting puzzles double as age-appropriate fidgets for teens with ADHD, who may feel like they’ve outgrown fidget cubes and troll dolls. The pack includes 12 different wire puzzles; your child can pick his favorite, or bring a handful to cycle through during the day. These puzzles are universally loved — meaning teens who are self-conscious about their ADHD need not disclose a thing to their friends and classmates.

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Kids aged 2 to 7 will love Bilibo, an open-ended toy that promotes motor skills, coordination, and balance — indoors or out. Shaped like a big wobbly turtle shell, Bilibo comes in 8 different colors, and can be used to rock back and forth, scoot around the house, or even float in the pool. Unlike most toys, Bilibo comes with no instruction manual or rules. The only limits are your child’s imagination!


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Teen Talk Conversation Cards

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Social challenges are not uncommon, but they are particularly painful during the tween and teen years. That’s when kids begin forming cliques and finding their “tribes” — leaving some children with ADHD or other social delays out in the cold. Help your child learn to start conversations (and keep them going) with the Teen Talk Conversation Cards, easy-to-use resources that build your child’s confidence and everyday social skills. The cards come on a ring, and are small enough to fit in a purse or backpack — giving your child the chance to bolster her conversational chops in the car, at a party, or wherever.

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Nothing beats a family game for building social, cooperative, and reasoning skills. In Suspend, players hang rubber-tipped wire pieces from a large tabletop stand. Each time a new piece is added, the balance shifts — and all players must think on their feet to stop the crowd-sourced sculpture from falling over. The game is different every time, which means your child won’t grow bored easily.

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Geosphere Puzzle Lamp Kit

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Let your tween’s creativity shine — literally — with this colorful lamp-building kit, which results in a beautiful (and practical) art project that your child can proudly display. The kit includes 30 pieces of flexible plastic that can be assembled like puzzle pieces into a unique hanging lamp; your child can adhere to an included pattern or create one of her own. Once it’s finished, the remote-controlled lamp can be lit in one of more than 20 colors — adding a personal touch to your child’s space.

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Vibes Earplugs

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Your teen wants nothing more than to attend concerts with her friends — but if she struggles with sensory processing, the booming speakers and boisterous crowds may prove too much. Help your teen take control of her sensory needs with Vibes, the earplugs designed to make live music less painful for sensitive ears. Unlike traditional earplugs, Vibes don’t muffle the music; rather, they filter out specific frequencies so your child will still hear every note — without the harsh high-decibel background noise and persistent hearing damage.

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Finger Crayons

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Preschool students with fine motor delays may struggle to grip their crayons — turning a beloved childhood activity into a frustrating affair. Help your child color to her heart’s content — and build dexterity in the process — with Finger Crayons. Your child can put the hypoallergenic crayons over her fingertips, or grip them in her palm — either way, she’ll improve her functional finger grasp and important elementary-school skills!

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“Julia” Stuffed Toy

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In 2015, Sesame Street broke boundaries when it introduced Julia, a young Muppet with autism. Julia helps children without autism better understand the needs of their classmates and friends, while allowing children on the spectrum (and their parents) to see themselves represented accurately and compassionately in media. Bring Julia’s magic home to your child with this large stuffed toy, perfect for hugging, sleeping, and spreading autism awareness. Julia is 14 inches tall, and is made of polyester so she can be easily wiped clean.

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SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks

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Children with ADHD, autism, or sensory processing difficulties may find everyday annoyances — like a scratchy sock seam — unbearable. Alleviate this everyday challenge with SmartKnitKids seamless socks, which are specially designed to soothe the needs of hypersensitive kids. The socks are knitted in a “cocoon shape” — making them free of even the tiniest seams — and are made of special antimicrobial fibers that keep feet fresh and dry. Plus, the unique heel- and elastic-free design means kids with motor delays can put on their socks independently.

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Orpheus, the Saddest Music Machine

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Give your budding engineer a gift that will keep on giving, with “Orpheus, the Saddest Music Machine.” Orpheus is a DIY music box that your child can construct herself. Just crank his handle, and Orpheus’ gears spin, his lights flash, and he plays a melancholy tune. The combination of hands-on play, practical skill-building, and charming quirkiness will resonate with any music-, robot-, or construction-loving tween.

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