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10 ADHD Podcasts You Need to Kick Off 2018

New year, new you, right? Whether you’re striving to supercharge your treatment plan, save money, get stuff done, or just be kinder to yourself, these 10 ADDitude podcasts are guaranteed to help.

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“Stick to Your Goals the ADHD Way” with Judith Kolberg

If your 2017 resolutions were… still lingering by year’s end, plug in to this expert podcast for a fresh shot at success. ADHD organization guru Judith Kolberg highlights the ins and outs of New Year’s Resolutions — explaining why you struggle to make and reach goals, how to leverage technology to your advantage, and how to build up an effective support system.


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“Smart Money Strategies for Adults with ADHD” with Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.

“ADHD” and “budgeting” go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise. To take charge of your finances in 2018 — and put a stop to impulsive purchases, late fees, and out-of-control debt — start with this expert podcast, hosted by Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D. In it, she’ll pinpoint the executive function challenges feeding your ADHD-related money problems — along with the apps, software, and old-fashioned strategies that actually work.


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“How People with ADHD Can Turn Intentions Into Actions” with J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D.

Setting goals is one thing. Actually following through? That’s a whole lot harder — especially when you have ADHD. This podcast, hosted by internationally renowned ADHD expert J. Russell Ramsay, shows you how to transform those big ideas into real, concrete actions. He’ll explain why the ADHD brain falters when faced with a boring task, how to get back on track when interrupted, and how to (actually) use planners and to-do lists to your advantage.


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“Alternative Therapies: Non-Medical Interventions to Manage ADHD Symptoms” with Sandy Newmark, M.D.

Make your 2018 treatment plan the total package with an in-depth exploration of alternative ADHD therapies. In this hour-long podcast, Dr. Sandy Newmark explains how ADHD-friendly foods, a few key supplements, and brain-training programs like Cogmed can work together to best combat your unique symptoms. Whether you’re looking to go medication-free or simply supplement your existing treatment plan, this podcast tells you everything you need to know about non-medical treatments.


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“7 Fixes for Self-Defeating ADHD Behaviors in Adults” with Alan Brown

Do you beat yourself up and psych yourself out? Self-deprecation is one of the least charming qualities of the ADHD brain — and certainly not one that helps you achieve ambitious goals. Stop the negative self-talk with this podcast with ADHD entrepreneur Alan Brown, who spells out strategies for cultivating a positive mindset. He’ll also outline how seemingly innocuous daily missteps — like spending too much time staring at your phone — can exacerbate ADHD symptoms and derail long-term plans.


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One of the best ADHD podcasts deals with shame, represented by this woman with hands over her face
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“Overcoming My ADHD Shame” with Edward Hallowell, M.D.

ADHD is not a character flaw. Still, many of us become paralyzed by shame when confronted with our own ADHD mistakes. In this insightful podcast, Driven to Distraction author Ned Hallowell, M.D., sheds light on the neurological roots of ADHD, and offers strategies to help adults and children overcome feelings of shame and regret caused by its symptoms. If you’re ready to accept your ADHD and move forward with positivity and purpose, this podcast is the place to start.


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“How to Use Mindfulness to Manage ADHD Symptoms” with Lidia Zylowska, M.D.

Want to make 2018 the year you finally calm your brain? Start with this engaging introductory podcast that makes mindfulness easy — and ADHD-friendly. Board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Lidia Zylowska not only breaks down the science behind mindful meditation — she also outlines simple, practical exercises for reducing stress and managing ADHD symptoms.


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“Organization Solutions for People with ADHD” with Susan Pinsky

“Perfect” is the enemy of “good” — and a well-oiled home. In this clutter-busting podcast, professional organizer Susan Pinsky explains why striving for a spotless home is a waste of your time — and better ways to make your home more efficient, less messy, and more welcoming in the New Year. Unlike most organizing tips, Pinsky’s advice is designed with the ADHD brain in mind — allowing you to take control of your clutter without losing your mind.


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“Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done” with Timothy Pychyl, Ph.D.

We know, we know. You work best under pressure. But how do last-minute scrambles and hectic all-nighters impact your health and relationships? Not well. Which is why you need this anti-procrastination podcast, aimed specifically at distracted delayers with ADHD. Expert Timothy Pychyl, Ph.D., answers your most pressing questions, like “How can I stay on task?” along with some you didn’t know you had, like “Are procrastination and impulsivity linked?” and “What’s the difference between procrastinating and delaying?” Plus, you’ll learn strategies for finding focus and being kinder to yourself — the ultimate key to breaking the procrastination cycle.


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“ADHD in Adults: Accept and Value Your Differences” with Sari Solden, M.S., LMFT

You can’t “cure” your ADHD. But you can “heal” it — that is, learn how to manage your symptoms and thrive in a world that isn’t always designed for you. This expert podcast, hosted by Sari Solden, M.S., LMFT, guides you through the healing process — starting with building a positive identity and ending with your personal search for the people who understand and accept you, ADHD and all.