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An outlet that can remotely turn off the lights — AND remind you to take out your laundry? Sounds like a Christmas miracle! No matter what holiday you celebrate, these gifts — including a sleek vibrating wristwatch, a remote-controlled mop, and liquid timer — will help anyone with ADHD get organized, manage time, or just smile.

Make a Decision pad is a great product for people with ADHD
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Knock Knock Make a Decision Pad

Take the stress (and procrastination) out of big decisions with the Make a Decision Pad, which will walk even the most stressed-out chooser through any fork in the road, big or small. Listing the pros and cons, imagining best-case and worst-case scenarios, and identifying “gut feelings” will help take the agony out of important decisions — saving hours of wasted energy in the process!

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Liquid timers are a great product for people with ADHD
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Liquid Timer

Individuals who suffer from “time blindness” see time in a non-linear fashion; they focus on the present — and nothing more. They are often late and harried, but they are not without hope. Time blindness can be overcome with a multi-pronged approach that includes visual timers like this soothing liquid timer, which can help adults with ADHD get a better sense of time: how quickly it’s passing, how much is left, and how it can be best used to complete a task. The brightly colored circles gently float to the bottom, soothing the senses and building a better understanding of time. Perfect for an office, a bedroom, or a bathroom!

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The Key target is a great product for people with ADHD
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Key Target

“I’m sorry I’m late; I couldn’t find my keys!” If this sounds familiar, invest in this fun key target — it’s magnetized to keep keys safe and secure with nothing more than a toss, turning a boring daily routine into an exciting game. It comes in tons of colors and patterns, and it can be used for anything metal that tends to get lost, though we don’t recommend tossing your phone at the wall.

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The Calendreco is a great product for people with ADHD
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For those whose 2015 calendar was hanging until Memorial Day 2016 (or later), there’s a simple solution: the Calendreco. A perpetual wall calendar that’s easy for anyone — even those of us with ADHD — to update and reuse for years to come, this calendar’s minimalist appearance will match any home décor scheme with environmentally friendly materials and safe inks that everyone can feel good about.

$60 — BUY NOW

The writey board is a great product for people with ADHD
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When you have a creative streak, inspiration can (and will) strike anywhere. Now, with WriteyBoard, anywhere can be a workspace: the bedroom wall, the coffee table, the bathroom mirror — you name it! Simply peel and stick, and you’ve got a reusable whiteboard surface on demand. The WriteyBoard is perfect for doodling, brainstorming, or keeping lists, and when you want to move it, just peel it off — the re-stickable surface will help fuel innovation for years to come.

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The wake up light is a great product for people with ADHD
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Wake-Up Light

Waking up is hard to do. Alarms are jarring — and too easy to turn off. And not everyone has a drill sergeant in the house. Make waking up more natural with the Philips Wake-Up Light — its gentle sunrise simulation combined with soothing nature sounds will make the day break less jolting. It works as a bedside lamp, too, and a “midnight light” function provides just enough light to help you find your way in the dark.

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The Beluga cable clip is a great product for people with ADHD
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BELUGA Cable Clips

Some say a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind. But we all know that a cluttered workspace can lead to serious lost productivity. These BELUGA cable clips — easy to install, adjust, and keep track of — can help clear room for efficiency. Say goodbye to lost phone chargers or impenetrable tangles of computer cords — the BELUGA keeps all the cords you need front and center, and wrangles away the ones you don’t.

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Play Attention is a great product for people with ADHD
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Hide-a-Key Fake Rock

Ever locked yourself out of the house? Yeah, we thought so. We also know that leaving a spare set under the welcome is not be the safest option. Instead, try this realistic looking Hide-a-Key Fake Rock — it blends in to most front yards, providing a security blanket for moments of ADHD-related forgetfulness.

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Wemo is a great product for people with ADHD
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WeMo Insight Switch

Getting all the way to work and realizing you forgot to turn off your lights can be frustrating — and expensive. So can accidentally leaving wet laundry in the washing machine because you forgot to move it. Solve all of these problems (and countless more) with the WeMo Insight Switch, a smart outlet that can be used to turn off appliances, set up reminders, or monitor electricity use — all from the simplicity of a smartphone app. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll have control over your electronics — helping you save time, money, and unnecessary stress.

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The Buckwheat Zafu Meditation Cushion is a great product for people with ADHD
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Buckwheat Zafu Meditation Cushion

Meditation can be a great alternative therapy for ADHD, and also a huge challenge for racing brains that resist slowing down and zoning in. Make it easier with this Zafu Meditation Cushion, filled with soft buckwheat that can be adjusted to anyone’s unique preferences. The cushion comes with a handle, making it easy to transport — and experience the benefits of meditation wherever and whenever it is most needed.

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This remote controlled mop is a great product for people with ADHD
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Remote Control Mop

Turning boring (but necessary) tasks into a game can help anyone stay focused — even if we’re talking about mopping. This remote control mop will delight your inner child, while also satisfying the nagging adult part of your brain that can’t let chores slide. Adults with ADHD thrive on stimulation, and this handy gadget is sure to provide plenty — transforming a dreaded task into a source of fun and excitement.

$35.18 — BUY NOW

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Scented Mini Quilt

Many individuals with ADHD, SPD, or autism spectrum disorders experience sensory overload, but most sensory products aren’t designed with adults in mind. This 20” x 40” scented mini-quilt may be the exception, providing snugglers of any age with comforting pressure and soothing scents. It weighs 6.5 pounds — making it easy to carry and store — and comes filled with calming herbs and spices like lavender, peppermint, and cinnamon. Each side has a different texture, too, making it the ultimate sensory relaxer for to drifting off to sleep or unwinding after a tough day at work.

$54.99 — BUY NOW

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Alternating Color Writing Notepads

Many adults living with dysgraphia struggle to keep their handwriting evenly spaced and legible, which can lead to embarrassment or misunderstandings at home or at work. Make writing a little easier with these alternating color notepads — the varying shaded and white lines can help anyone who struggles with handwriting or fine motor challenges keep their thoughts organized and their letters aligned.

$7.99 — BUY NOW

The chewable pendant is great for people with ADHD
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Turquoise Egg Chewable Pendant

Adults with ADHD, unique sensory needs, or autism may concentrate better while chewing something — but find that gnawing on the company pens is typically frowned upon. Instead, try this discreet pendant — it looks like a regular necklace, but it doubles as a safe and durable chew toy to help satisfy the need to chew whenever the urge strikes. Plus, it can help chronic nail-biters or cigarette smokers break their habits by providing satisfying oral stimulation on the go.

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This book is a great product for people with ADHD
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Adult ADHD: How to Succeed as a Hunter in a Farmer’s World

The traditional 9-to-5 workplace doesn’t always work for those with unique fast-moving brains. In some cases, starting a business can be the perfect solution for adults with ADHD — and this book can be the first step on a path to entrepreneurial success! The author outlines the difference between “hunter” and “farmer” personalities (hint: people with ADHD tend to be the former), and provides a step-by-step roadmap for succeeding in life with a “hunter” mindset. This comprehensive guide covers everything from relationships to organization, and is a critical read for anyone who dreams of more.

$9.99 — BUY NOW

This vibrating snake is great for people with ADHD
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Vibrating Snake

Panic attacks — a common symptom of anxiety disorders — can hit anywhere at anytime. For an anxiety antidote that can be carried anywhere, look no further than this tubular vibrator. The tube can be easily stored in a car, a cubicle, or a backpack; a user simply switches it on and wraps it around her neck, low back, or legs — she’ll feel soothing vibrations that provide tactile feedback, which can be grounding during a panic attack.

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