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10 Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids with ADHD

A stocking stuffed with candy canes and chocolate does no one any good. Wrap up these fidgets, games, and activities instead and you’ve just reinvented your child’s entire holiday break.

Squishy stress relief toys
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Mochi Squish Toys


The softest and squishiest fidgets on the market, these come in packets of 30 (!!) kawaii (a.k.a. cute) jelly cartoon animals. They’re extremely squishy and great stress and anxiety relief for both children and adults, plus they’re lab-tested to be lead, phthalate, and BPA/PVC free. Each is 1.4-2.3 inches in length, so easily hidden in a pocket or backpack, and individually wrapped: easy to dole out to multiple children!


Not Parent Approved Card Game
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Not Parent Approved: A Hilarious Card Game for Kids, Tweens, Families and Mischief Makers


Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, this is a hilarious party game for tweens, teens, and adults that has players fill in the blanks. It’s a multiple award-winner with available expansion packs. And it was created to get kids off screens and into family time, where they laugh at jokes — and at themselves. Easier to learn than Exploding Kittens, and without the adult content of Cards Against Humanity. Pitched to 4-8 players, for ages 8 and up.


ALEX Toys Craft Hip to be Square Crochet Kit
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ALEX Toys Craft Hip to be Square Crochet Kit


A big part of ADHD can be keeping those hands busy. This kit, designed for total beginners, teaches your child the easy art of crochet, and leads them through several projects, including scarves and hats, which they can complete while watching TV or talking to their friends. Recommended for seven and up, this might be best for tweens or teens with ADHD.


50 Activities and Games for Kids with ADHD
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50 Activities and Games for Kids with ADHD


This book comes with “games, activities, and resources” to make life more fun and manageable for kids with ADHD. It most notably contains plenty of practical advice for dealing with the everyday people in their lives, from parents to teachers to siblings. It also includes exercises to help with making and keeping friends, navigating feelings, and problem solving — great for parent-child bonding.

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balance disks help school productivity for restless students
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Balance Disc


This sitting cushion inflates to its desired comfort level, comes with little nubbly bits on top for extra stimulation and interest, and allows for active sitting, which is proven to help concentration and relaxation. Makers say it helps “improve balance and posture, coordination and flexibility.” It can also be flipped over for standing, and comes with its own pump.


Munchables Chewable Jewelry
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Chewy Jewelry


Face it: lots of kids with ADD/ADHD need oral stimulation throughout the day. To keep them from chewing on hoodie strings or fingers, chewy jewelry offers a stylish solution to that oral impulse. Made of 100% food-grade silicon, without harmful BPA, lead, and phthalates, chewy jewelry comes in a plethora of cool designs, from dinosaurs to foxes to inconspicuous, abstract-looking art necklaces.


Sacred Circles Mandala Coloring Book: Art Therapy Coloring Book
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Sacred Circles Mandala Coloring Book: Art Therapy Coloring Book


This book features 108 mandalas to color, and includes an introduction by an art therapist who explains how to use mandala coloring for relaxation and focus. Coloring and drawing mandalas, which was used by Carl Jung, has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension: all things we want for our children! Pair it with some great colored pencils or gel pens to make this stocking stuffer extra sweet.


Twiddle, a fidget spinner alternative and quiet classroom tool
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Mega Twiddle Fidget


This multi-colored fidget twists, moves, bends, and flips in interconnected loops for maximum fidget potential — all in total silence, which is sure to please teachers and classmates — and parents, especially on long car trips or in waiting rooms. It can be torn apart and snapped back together, fit in a pocket, or be worn around the neck. Comes with 140 interchangeable, interlocking pieces.


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It’s a fidget! It’s a puzzle! This rainbow-colored puzzle is made of twelve plastic cubes connected by an internal string, and comes with four different levels of puzzles: beginner, advanced, expert, and master. Twist, bend, and turn the pieces to rearrange their order in a kind of Rubik's Cube-like way. Your kid will love it, but you might find yourself stealing it.


FidgetLab DIY Fidget Kit
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Fidgetland Bernie


This fidget, available alone or in a pack or three, comes in a special small size for kids. It’s an addictive stainless-steel ring with two layers of rollers, one of which lets you slide it up and down your hand or finger, and the other which lets the beads slide over one another. This is a silent, subtle, and highly addictive fidget your kids will adore. It looks cool, too!


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